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    Website Rules

    Eireann Ó'Reilly
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    Website Rules Empty Website Rules

    Post  Eireann Ó'Reilly on February 14th 2012, 10:54 pm

    Welcome to the Hetalia International Roleplay Forum!

    The list below contains all of the rules that I, the Administration Team, and the community, are expecting you to follow on this site. If the rules are not followed, the conflicting user or users will be banned. Misconduct is not accepted.
    ** These rules were updated on August 23, 2014. **

    The Rules
    1. Be respectful of every user. No matter what member rank they are, being respectful of other users will earn you respect in return.

    2. Please keep all roleplay posts appropriate. This is a PG-13 site. If your roleplay contains extensive smut or gore, it must be continued over private messages or the thread will be deleted.

    3. Please make all roleplay posts and messages literate. Unless English is not your first language, you are expected to use it correctly and properly.

    4. All roleplay posts, no matter what your previous style, must be written in novel format unless indicated otherwise by the initiator of the roleplay. Use complete sentences, correct grammar, thorough descriptions, and paragraph format. For an example of this, consult a fiction novel or one of the many roleplays posted already on the forum.

    5. No spamming, trolling, cyber-bullying, etc. Evidence of such practices will result in deletion of your account and blocking of your IP address.  

    6. If you get into an argument with another user, please carry it out in private messages. The chatbox is not the place to express discontent and it is not fair to our other users to have to witness such foul manner in a community module.

    7. Each user is allowed one account. Any users found with double accounts will be banned or deleted.

    8. If a user is banned. They are banned. Failure to understand this may result in any opposing user's own banishment.

    9. Canon characters are only to be played by those members who have been approved to play them. The two exceptions to this rule are: a) use of a canon character in the chatbox so long as the user for that canon character is not currently logged on and their character is necessary for whatever minor roleplay you are conducting, and b) if the approved player of a canon character gives you public permission to use their character in a roleplay through the Character Trade topic of the forum.

    10. There is a maximum of two canon roles, whether they be two main canons, two nyotalia canons, or one of each, per user. Failure to regard this rule will result in the deletion of all posts related to the unapproved character.

    11. Besides the chatbox, you may not roleplay with a character until he or she is approved by the admin.

    12. No crude images or literature are to be posted in the Miscellaneous Files forum. If so, the related posts will be deleted and the user informed of their misconduct by the Admin.

    13. Read all the rules and review the regulations for character submissions before submitting anything.

    14. Obey the rules. Failure to obey the rules will result in your removal from this site. So please, do your best to follow all of these rules and regulations.

    Thank you for reviewing this content. You are now one step closer to becoming an active member of this site. Be sure to read the specific rules for each type of character submission before applying--- and once again, thank you.

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