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    State of Ohio, USA

    Eireann Ó'Reilly
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    State of Ohio, USA Empty State of Ohio, USA

    Post  Eireann Ó'Reilly on April 16th 2012, 6:46 pm

    State of Ohio, USA Alex10

    Name: Alexander (Alex) A. Jones

    Territory: State of Ohio, United States of America

    Age: 20

    Birthday: March 1st (admitted to the Union)

    Gender: Male

    Physical Description: Like his father, Alex has blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He is a skinnier teen whose health takes high priority over his life and has a pair of thinly framed glasses to correct his horrendous eyesight. Unknown to most, he wears a small cross shaped necklace around his neck as a sign of his state motto: "With God, all things are possible."

    He dresses casually on most days in jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sneakers. But when it comes to school and formal events, he always dresses his best so as to give a good impression. He also owns a boy scouting uniform for camping out - very few kids in his state could go through childhood without being a scout at least once. He also often wears a pair of flight goggles on his head as a sign of his skill as an aviator.

    Personality: Alex is a boy of ranging personality. His state is not only the greenest, but also has an astounding educational success record, the best IT businesses in the nation, a boatload of tourist attractions, and is even supposedly the 5th most romantic state out of all his siblings. He is highly intelligent and has a strong interest in nature, often spending his weekends out camping with his friends. The engineering in the area is fantastic as well - being the birthplace of aviation. His passion to express new and fantastic technological and mechanical ideas has added greatly to his adventurous side. He never backs down from a request until he's tried every possible way to make it happen.

    Ohio has a largely Catholic and Christian population. The citizens take high respect in God and the church. As such, Alex has a strong faith and relies on higher powers to guide him where he needs to go. Being referred to as the Great or All American State is enough to prove the boy's pride in his country. He has a lot of hope that his beloved homeland can pull through any problem it faces and is always willing to lend a hand for what is right. This is one state who would make a most trustworthy friend.

    Other: He has a secret passion for rock and roll, as well as the adrenaline driving rush of roller coasters. Alex is not afraid to party, but he would never go too far over the top.

    Family is important to him. He tries to have close bonds with all of his siblings and has worked hard to develop an extra-close relationship with his father. Their's is one quite ideal 'father-son' relationship that could make even the greatest families jealous. He is accepting of everyone he meets, whether they are a tourist, a local, or just someone new.

    An all-around friendly fellow, it's hard not to get along with this patriotic state!

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