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    State of Virginia, USA

    Celdwyn Kirkland
    Celdwyn Kirkland

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    State of Virginia, USA Empty State of Virginia, USA

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on April 16th 2012, 8:24 pm

    Name: Viola Mary Jones

    Nation/Territory: Virginia

    Age: 19

    Birthday/Independence Day: May 14th

    Gender: Female

    Physical description: She has long twin drill blonde hair, and clam purple-ish blue eyes. She wears a black and blue 'Technomancer' dress, as her best friend, Stockholm, says. The dress has bronze plating on the shoulder's, chest, and back areas. She usually has goggles around her neck or over her eyes and always carries an umbrella that’s a gun in disguise. The pieces of bronze has the words “Down with the tyrants” in Latin and her father’s name.

    When she dresses casually, she would wear a black and blue sundress, a normal top hat with her hair down, and she would still have her goggles and umbrella with her.

    Personality: She’s generally calm, unless she’s been drinking or if she’s with her dearest father and family. She is very protective of D.C., New York, and Maine, and has a very strong hatred towards Maryland. Whenever people talk about West Virginia…or West, she’ll instantly go quiet and seems to zone out, remembering when he fought her…

    She tries her best to be a good daughter for her father, yet she feels like she fails…a lot. She’s Christian, as most of her family is, yet she tends to believe in her own kind of religion at times, of Machine Gods that run off of steam. She loves to build mechanical objects and sometimes steam soldiers for her father’s army.

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