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    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)

    Ivan Braginski
    Ivan Braginski

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    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)  Empty Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)

    Post  Ivan Braginski on April 17th 2012, 1:03 am

    C O M R A D E S . O F . T H E . U S S R .

    *NOTE* I got permission by one of the admins to post these two up as one, because they are rarely role-played seperated. Also, I would rather not be the only one role-playing these dogs. IF your character lives in the Soviet mansion, then you are welcome to role-play Shalunya and Durzhok when ever you want just as long as you keep their personalities accurate.

    Also, to those Not Russian or Soviet-related, IF you are RPing with one of the household members and they bring up the dogs, you may also add to their role as long as you are with at least one of the household. I hope I haven't confused anyone :/

    S H A L U N Y A
    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)  Caucasian2

    Name: Shalunya [sha-LOO-nya]

    Breed of canine: Kavkazskaya ovcharka [or Russian Caucasian Mountain Shepherds / Russian Ovcharka]

    Gender: Female (bitch)

    Age: 3

    Physical description: Shalunya stands at approximately 32”[2’ 8”] at the shoulder and weighs around 135 lbs. One might think 2’8” is small for a dog, but I suggest you grab a ruler and compare heights. Due to her breed, this massive creature is quite muscular and heavily built under an extremely thick, dense, and weather-resistant coat. Her coat, like all ovcharkas, has profuse feathering which especially effective at keeping out the cold, and is a striking brindle of blacks, tans, and shades of fawn. Her head is large and bear-like, with triangle ears that droop downwards, and a gorgeous plumed tail that curls up from time to time. An array of strong, sharp teeth fill a stocky set of jaws, making a bit from this animal nearly fatal.

    Personality: Shalunya is an even-tempered beast most of the time around familiar territory. Her breed was used for guarding sheep herds in the Russian mountains, so she and all other Ovcharkas bear a guardian-like instinct. With Shalunya, those who live under the. Shalunya is not a bitch that can be easily handled by anyone; Also coming from the breed, she has a bitter distaste for strangers , and acts like she’s suspicious of them even if they are just a family friend. roof Soviet mansion are hers and Durzhoks only, and those who dare to pose a threat are bound to get hurt.. She has a naturally aggressive, dominant attitude, yet is quite lazy around the house, and can be gentle when she wants to. She tends to ignore all other dogs exept for Durzhok and Demon unless they are entering her ‘territory.’ Shalunya is a vicious guard dog, and an excellent tracker / hunter.

    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)  Kafkaz_shepard_dog-e1268776293318
    D U R Z H O K
    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)  ThumbnailCAGQIHVC
    Name: Durzhok [DURZ-hawk (‘H’ is only lightly pronounced)]

    Breed of canine: Kavkazskaya ovcharka

    Gender: Male (brute)

    Age: 3

    Physical description: Durzhok is a few inches taller than his sister, and weighs around 138 lbs. His muscle mass is a bit more bulky that the female as well. His bodily structure and formation of his thick coat is the same as the Shalunya’s, yet the brute’s colouring is a few shades darker. His coat ranges from an array of blacks, smoky greys, dark tans, and has a shade of creamy white along his underside. His head is also heavy and bear-like, yet unlike Shalunya, once he bites, the brute locks his strong jaws tightly onto his victim in a crushing grip that is nearly impossible to pry off. He has been known for crushing intruder’s arms and legs between his powerful, vicious grip.

    Personality; He has the same view of the household as Shalunya; they are HIS family, and that is HIS territory to guard. The brute hates both stranger dogs and human strangers with a loathing passion, and will spring at them with a frenzy of aggressive display without a moments hesitation. Durzhok is stand off-ish and suspicious out in public or a new territory, yet he won’t attack if he’s on a leash. Despite his aggressive male behaviour, Durzhok is a bit of a ditz at home. He bumps into the things and people and knocks things over, yet just keeps walking as if nothing ever happened. He enjoys the company of his human family, and tends to follow the younger ones [Latvia, Moscow, Stalingrad, St. Petersburg, and Viktor] without end. Even though he dislikes other dogs, he doesn’t mind the husky puppy that shares the household, Demon. When he things no one is looking, Durzhok has been known to play around with the pup.

    Shalunya & Durzhok (USSR dogs)  Tamara-010608-010b
    (Russian Mountain shepherd fun-fact; They have been known to kill wolves, bears, cougars, and mountain lions that threaten the herd they are guarding. These dogs are dangerous in real life if not trained the proper way. The thing about the hate for strangers is true for these dogs; they tolerate only family. I'm getting one for christmas! :D)


    ** I will be refering to Shalunya as a 'bitch' from time to time. Grow up, people. That's just what female dogs are professionally classified as. If it's not bad to call a cat a "feline," a pig a "swine," or a male canine a "brute," then what's so bad about calling a female dog a "bitch?"
    However~ If someone is growing uncomfortable with the referance, or if I'm breaking a rule of some kind, I will gladly call her a 'fae' or 'female' instead. I just prefer calling animals by their proper names. **

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