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    Principality of Andorra

    Luka Bondevik
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    Principality of Andorra Empty Principality of Andorra

    Post  Luka Bondevik on April 18th 2012, 10:45 pm

    Name: Yuu Simon Ortiz

    Nation/Territory: Andorra

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Physical Description: Yuu has orange eyes and whitish-silver hair that is of shoulder length with a medium to long cut on the left side of her face. Reason for that is she got a scar as a result of rescuing a small child that was some how stuck on the ledge of a snowny mountain. The only way up to the mountain was to take the express snowboarding shaft, but there was a certain distance that made it quite difficult to even reach the point the child was. She knew the risks of going such a distance, but it was to save the life of the child and bring him safely to his family. Little did Yuu know that the child had fallen further down from the original point and thus she had to climb down to get the child. She was successful in getting the child, but realized that the only way to get back down was to snowboard a dangerous path leading down the mountain, it was either that or freeze to death and so both Yuu and the child went down the path. They were half way down the path when all of a sudden a big grizzly silver wolf came running after them, the only thing that the wolf wanted to have was Yuu, because prior to snowboarding down the path, the wolf got hit by tail end of Yuu's snowboard when trying to jump off the ledge. With that, Yuu did all she could to protect the child, even if it meant sacrificing herself to save another life. The wolf almost had Yuu where it wanted, but missed and ended up giving her a claw mark to the left side of her face resulting as a scar.

    Yuu's casual(summer) clothing consists of a white sleeveless shirt with a yellow ribbon, a single fingerless lace glove on the right hand and a few gold bangles on the left hand, a plaid skirt and black knee high shoes.

    During the winter, Yuu wears a white scarf, a black coat that goes up to her waist, underneath that a green long sleeve turtle neck shirt, tan cargo pants, and black boots.

    It's really rare to see Yuu wear her military uniform. The reason for that is because there's no need for a military, but instead there's a police force to make up for that. The uniform is of a blend of aqua and teal, a white tie, collared jacket below the waist with a y-design on the front, matching pants with two holsters; one holding a gun and the other holding a sword, and a pair of grey boots.

    Personality: Yuu is very open and isn't afraid to express what she feels, but has the tendency of saying a few of the flaws that the others have. She also loves to explore what the other nations have to offer, but gets way too excited that she burns out all of her energy before she's even half way through her exploration. She adores her father Spain, but gets in way too many fights with Romano making it seem that they have a thing for one another, but when it comes to Italy it's the other way around. She gets along pretty well with the other nations and invites them when ever she can to the snowboarding range, and spas. Yuu speaks three languages; Spanish, French, and English and speaks them so fluently that you can't even tell that she has an accent. When speaking to Spain in either English or Spanish, it seems that at times she ends up speaking in French, causing Yuu to stop and start all over, but when that doesn't go as planned, she goes into the kitchen to get something to drink to relax her nerves.

    Though Russia is scared of Belarus and wants nothing to do with her, it seems that Yuu has taken quite a liking to her and tries to spend as much time with her as possible, but ultimately ends up bare witnessing the mess Belarus leaves behind when she wants Russia to become one with her. Though she's friends with the other nations and enjoys their company, in truth, Yuu is lonely and the only person that keeps her company is her white wolf; Zander, but she makes that up by being so energetic towards the other nations including her father Spain.

    Though Yuu may be lonely with the company of Zander, she soon discovers that someone has been sending her gifts to cheer her up, but isn't quite sure who its from. Zander knows the smell of the person who has been sending Yuu the gifts and points out to her that there is a red rose tied to the ribbon of the giant teddy bear. With that hint, she now knows that France was the one sending her the gifts, but why him out of all people? France was very idle in the things he did around her, but knew that she needed someone to be there for her and make her feel that she wasn't lonely anymore.

    Other: Yuu is able to leave behind the loneliness and be able to be herself more, now that France gave her what she needed the most; a friend.

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