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    Adare, Ireland

    Ivan Braginski
    Ivan Braginski

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    Adare, Ireland Empty Adare, Ireland

    Post  Ivan Braginski on April 24th 2012, 3:39 pm

    WARNING~ This is... a pretty long intro. I'm sorry, she was just fun to write about xD

    A D A R E
    Adare, Ireland Tumblr_m0naf1Nmtb1rnvmezo1_500
    Name: Rori Kirkland

    Territory: Adare, Ireland (She represents the whole Celtic era, but Adare is the closest Irish place I could find that still follows medieval / Celtic ways of life :3)

    Age: appears around the age of 16

    Physical description: Adare is known as “the prettiest town in Ireland,” so striking natural beauty is something that Rori possesses. The Celtic girl is tall and quite slim, yet her body is well muscled. She takes wavy, fiery red hair and glittering emerald green eyes from her mother, Ireland. Her wavy tresses ripple down to her shoulder blades.

    She has a black tattooed arm-band of a Celtic tribal design looping around her upper arm, and a winged Celtic cross on her right shoulder blade. The fair features of this Celt are soft and gentle, giving her the welcoming appearance of a docile, hospitable creature.

    Due to her culture, Rori is quite shameless are laid-back with her clothing. Around her home or in her lands, she wears earthy-colored dresses. Some might consider her attire a little bit on the “Indecent” side, because most of her loose dresses lack a shoulder strap and / or sag low down her chest. The side-slits on some other dresses cut close to her thigh, or they are just dresses that you clasp behind the neck and leave the back and shoulders bare. Others still tend to cling to her slim body in a way that provokes even the most innocent eye to falter.

    Rori isn’t quite the social sort and spends most of her time with the alone with the animals or in the woods, so she never really worries about what people think about her dressing. However, she will snap at people who stare at her openly. In public or around people, Rori wears more casual medieval-style dresses or a leather vest-like top with dark trousers. Even then she is rather careless. Most of her midsection/lower back is often visible.

    Hey, Celts aren’t afraid to show off what their mommas gave them.

    However, due to her ancestry and wide-spread connections, Adare is far from a weak, peace-loving village. She is one of the oldest, and has fought through countless wars, participated and fought off countless raids, rampages, invasions, and famines. Her combat attire varies on the situation;

    If she’s serving as a guardian, or facing combat in colder temperatures, Rori wears a thick fleece-and-leather corset that is attached to a layered skirt that reaches her knees. The corset lacks shoulders, but she wears a thick cloak strapped to one shoulder, and arm warmers. Thick winter boots reach her knees, making it easy to walk through snow without fear of frostbite.

    Adare, Ireland Celt_Warrior_Woman_by_lanista8
    If she is leading a rampage, rebellion, or invasion, Rori wears a shoulder cloak or either wolf or bear fur over a leather combat top and dark trousers beneath. Short combat blades are strapped to her waist or chest for easy access, and metal wrist cuffs and leg guards deflect blows. Rori either ties her hair back, or braids it with beads or bits of bone, giving the Celt a savage, Viking / Barbaric sort of appearance.

    Adare, Ireland 1892888329
    Armor is usually something she scoffs at, but if her lands are being attacked, Rori will be seen clad in metal, Celtic-made armor top with slit bottom for easy leg access. Spiked metal gauntlets and leg guards shield her limbs, and a cloak of wolf or bear fur covers her back and shoulders. The Celt will even take up a metal shield that is able to deflect very high, sharp impacts without denting. To represent her culture in these serious times of war, blue war paint will streak Adare’s face in tribal designs, and a celtic head ornament will sit on her head.

    Adare, Ireland GUERRI1
    Her combat weapon of choice is a serrated spear, but she also possesses combat knives, and is really sharp with a bow and arrows.

    Personality: Rori is very hospitable and gentle to everyone. It is quite difficult to get this Celtic girl angry. She enjoys nature and would much rather be herding sheep or goats up the mountains, or wandering the forests rather than being around people. She is more nomadic and travels around Europe, gaining influences from many different cultures, especially Scotland, the Nordics, Greece, Switzerland, France, England, and Whales. She has very strong connections with Scotland, Whales, and the Nordic Vikings and calls them her uncles even though the Nordics have no blood ties. Due to that and her mother’s blazing personality, Rori has quite a vicious streak. She can get just as fiery and bitchy as her mother, Ireland, and she’s damn proud of it too.

    Adare is very experienced with combat and brutal battle tactics, yet she refuses to use any of them unless her family is threatened. She loves music, dancing, singing, and creating Celtic architecture and designs. Rori is also very good at playing violins and knows a thing or two about bagpipes, yet her preferred instruments are reed and metal flutes and war drums.

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