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    Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Luka Bondevik

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    Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Post  Luka Bondevik on April 25th 2012, 3:58 am

    The time was 6:30 am in Andorra and the rustling of the leaves indicated that the day would be nice with the sun shining within the clouds, but with a small chance of drizzle. Yuu was just getting up when Zander; her pet wolf came in with the mail and morning news. She wasn't interesting in reading the false news and statements of wars and other things in the paper, but was more interested in taking part in the real action and learning more from the big nations.

    The time now is 7:45 am and Yuu was getting all of the invitations ready so she could invite all the nations for a whole week of relaxation, but wasn't sure what to wear when the nations actually came to her home.

    Zander, ¿crees que esta camisa se ​​vería bien con esta falda?
    (Zander, do you think this shirt would look good with this skirt?)

    Zander nods side to side, telling Yuu that it would look too plain and it wouldn't attract the guests attention when greeting them.

    Que diriez-vous cet uniforme, je veux dire j'ai rarement l'utiliser et je pourrais effectivement attirer l'attention de certains grande nation? Que pensez-vous?
    (How about this uniform, I mean I rarely use it and I could actually draw the attention of some great nation? What do you think?)

    Zander knew that Yuu was starting to panic about what to wear and decided to get something out of her closet. He knew exactly what she should wear and so he grabbed the magenta sun dress off the hanger and gave it to her.

    What is it Zander? Is that what you want me to wear? I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try it, but it seems to be missing a few things? Oh, I know what would go great with the dress.

    As she goes and gets the things needed to make the dress look great, Zander decides to go and drop off the invites at the post office so Yuu can concentrate the matters she already has at hand.


    I hope I have everything in order and I guess it's no time to panic now, since they are coming today and I want to show them the best time.

    Yuu and Zander are waiting patiently for everyone to arrive, but then she realizes that the guests won't be arriving for another hour and half. So, with this in mind, Yuu decides to go get a snack, but ends up being a meal for herself and Zander, but yet again, she realizes that she hasn't even gotten dressed and rushes upstairs to get ready.

    It's 15 minutes before their arrival and Yuu is finally dressed and ready to greet the guests. Zander is impressed on how the dress fits Yuu perfectly.

    Zander, do you like how I complimented the dress with a white rose?


    Merci. If it weren't for your quick thinking, I would have looked ridiculous with just some random clothes. The only thing that bothered me was that I couldn't get my hair to the style I wanted, but I just left it hanging from one side.


    It seems that the train has arrived at the station and Yuu is excited to meet all the nations. Nothing could make her any happier than she already is.

    Alfred F. Jones

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    Re: Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Post  Alfred F. Jones on April 25th 2012, 1:26 pm

    The American had been pleased he was invited to Andorra for a day of relaxation. He had left his home early to arrive on time at the train station, greeting everyone with a cheerful smile. It wasn't unlike Alfred to be cheerful, but it was definitely unlike him to be on time. As he boarded the train, he took a seat towards the front and got comfortable for the ride. The American wasn't dressed in his usual attire. The only thing that seemed familiar was his brown jacket that bore the numbers 5 & 0. Today, he had decided to wear a red shirt beneath his jacket, jeans, and converse. It was common for him to dress so freely, but he was allowed to take a day off from his military uniform. After all, today was meant for relaxing - not arguing or trying to impress other nations.

    Alfred hadn't noticed if other nations had joined him on the train, since he had arrived so early and picked a private cart, but he figured he would see them once they arrived at their destination.

    When the train stopped, a grin formed to his lips and he stood, opening the door to his cart and moving down the small hallway. He thanked the man at the door and stepped off the train, taking a deep breath of fresh air. It was nice to be somewhere new for a change, instead of running around his states or being bored in the World Meeting room.

    He stretched and as he did so, he caught sight of Yuu and smiled. "Yo, Yuu!" He called, jogging up to her. As he drew nearer, he noticed how nice she looked today. Beautiful, really. "You look lovely." He complimented her with a playful wink.

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    Luka Bondevik

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    Re: Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Post  Luka Bondevik on April 25th 2012, 2:31 pm

    The Andorraian was pleased to see the American, as he was the first to arrive. She gave him a warm smile and a hug.

    Bonjour, and welcome to my home. I hope you have a great time and please enjoy yourself.

    Yuu was so happy that a guest had finally arrived and she started showing him around her hometown, but not before she realized that one of her subordinates from the police force came to give her something. It didn't look like anything important, but she would rather wait until all the guests were here.

    Zander on the other hand, decides to give the American a gift, but it's nothing special, just a small charm bracelet made by hand and paw.

    Zander wants to let you know that he's happy that you came today and that you and the rest of the nation will be getting hand and paw made charm bracelets corresponding your flag. Hope you like it!

    Oh, I almost forgot! I need to show you to your room so you can get settled down and relax, while the other nations get here.

    Celdwyn Kirkland

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    Re: Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on April 25th 2012, 11:16 pm

    The Welsh man got up bright and early for a well deserved day of relaxation. He would usually settle for staying home and doing farm work as a day of relaxation from paperwork and meetings, but today he knew would be different. His outfit was a simple from his usually flashy suits or his other outfits, he just wore a simple jacket with the Welsh Dragon on the back, a plain green t-shirt, and white jeans. He didn't choose a private cart since he enjoys talking with other on the train, it was a short ride to him because of idle chit-chat with another passenger.

    When the train came to a halt at his destination he happily walked out, carrying a backpack over his shoulder and his glasses tucked in his jacket pocket. He also had a farmers hat tied around his neck since he wanted for feel a bit at home.

    He smiled a bit, lifting his hand up, waving slightly "Hello, Hello!"
    Luka Bondevik

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    Re: Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

    Post  Luka Bondevik on April 25th 2012, 11:41 pm

    Zander barked, telling Yuu that another guest had arrived. She went to greet the Welsh men with a warm smile and hug.

    Bonjour, and welcome to my home. I hope you can enjoy yourself.

    She was so excited to have another guest arrive. That made it two people in total and Zander went and gave the Welsh his hand and paw made charm bracelet.

    It's a gift that both of us made for all the guests with their corresponding flags. I hope you like it.

    With that, Yuu shows the Welsh to his room so he can relax, while the other guests get here.

    If you need anything I'm always happy to assist. Oh, and if you need anything, I'm downstairs, so please help yourself.

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    Re: Vacationing of Relaxation or so I think...? (All Are Welcome)

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