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    State of Kansas, USA

    Mousey Neamy
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    State of Kansas, USA Empty State of Kansas, USA

    Post  Mousey Neamy on May 5th 2012, 2:22 pm

    Name: Danni D Jones
    State: Kansas
    Age(optional): State 34!! -idk my age...-_-;;
    Birthday: January 29
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Danni is a slightly short girl, with long strawberry blonde hair.She likes to wear dresses and skirts when going out, but mainly she'll be lounging in jeans or pajama pants with an overly baggy shirt made out of the American flag. She had bright green eyes, contrasting to her father's blue ones. Though she may be considered a younger sibling she is the 34th state and a MAJOR daddy's girl, meaning she'll be around Alfred most of the time, if not Viktor Braginski -- her best friend. Though she's an American state it'll be hard to see her not wearing green or orange, they're just colors that she likes. More often than not, you'll be able to see Danni representing Kansas with wild sunflowers in her hair -- just to remind you that she's called the sunflower state for a reason!

    Personality: Danni usually will have a sweet disposition and be nice to everyone and everything. But there are some occasions that can get her mad, such a bullying and being in a fight with Alfred. Her best friend, as mentioned is Viktor Braginski, which made things hard during the Cold War. During this time she shut down in her depression but when the war was finally called to a halt, she was there to throw herself onto VIktor with a big hug, crying emotionally into his shoulder. She knows he's not one to show emotion -- or even understand them(According to what she's heard from her father about the father and son) but it doesn't matter to her. Her motto is "ad astra per apera" meaning "to the stars through difficulty". Any time she feels like Viktor just isn't showing his feelings she brushes off the sadness and kisses his cheek with a gentle, "I have just enough feeling for the both of us don't you worry!" Though she may not be as loud as her father, she can voice her opinion when it needs to be done, and otherwise she is a shy and quiet girl, just loving life, and Viktor, who she can never tell what he's thinking/feeling so most of the time she's shy and nervous when they're together.

    Other: When the situation is called for, her weapon of choice is a butterfly knife, but she rarely if not never, uses it at all. She hates violence and is scared of Ivan Braginski.....it's that way he talks about sunflowers.... XD

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