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    The Avengers Meets APH!

    Alfred F. Jones
    Alfred F. Jones

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    The Avengers Meets APH! Empty The Avengers Meets APH!

    Post  Alfred F. Jones on May 8th 2012, 8:32 pm

    The Avengers
    - APH -

    Greetings, Earthlings! Have no fear, Alfred F. Jones is here to explain this newly founded role-play, suggested by Gilbert Ballsworth (I think that is his last name...?) I went ahead and took the liberty of setting this up, because Gilbert knows how much I flipped when he was throwing out a list of suggestions for this forum. He threw out some excellent ideas and he had better follow up on most of them! Anyway, don't bite my head off, but I think this will be a locked role-play. Meaning, only certain people may join. I've been trying to link characters of Hetalia to characters from the Avengers based on personality & design, not over favoritism. Obviously, this would mean Alfred F. Jones suits Captain America. I will shake my head to those who disagree and move on with life peacefully.

    Also, without a lock-down on characters, random people would be joining as fan-based characters and I would prefer this be Hetalia characters directly linked from characters featured in the Avengers, instead of random superheroes, etc. I am also locking this down to prevent too many from joining. We all know how it gets when several people have joined a role-play and all must work around one another to post (it is fun, and I love when a lot of people are featured, but it also causes confusion and some people's posts are ignored). I don't want that happening here. So, please don't take offense to it being locked down. It has nothing to do with anyone personally, I promise.

    Now, there are rules to this role-play besides being locked down. First, I would appreciate you holding a discussion with me, Gilbert, Eireann, and Alin on the chat room before you just claim a character. As I mentioned before, we are linking characters to the Avengers based on design & personality. Personality won't completely match to an Avenger character, but we're doing our best to fit them correctly. So, if you're thinking your Hetalia character fits to an Avenger or a character from the movie, just come to us and discuss it. Most likely, you'll get the character you want, but please examine it and make sure it would be a perfect fit for the character from the Avengers. If not, we will help you find someone else.

    Secondly, I want there to be as less confusion as possible when it comes to posting. Meaning, that since this role-play is a direct copy of the Avengers movie (save for it being in Hetalia style), do NOT post ahead of one another. For the love of Abraham Lincoln, don't post ahead of one another. Do not hold a conversation between two characters when everyone is in a room. The movie has scenes where only two characters are featured, and that will be fine when the role-play gets to that scene, but if we're talking the scene where everyone is standing in a room together discussing something. DON'T POST AHEAD! Patiently wait until it is your turn to respond, or until everyone has had their fair share of responding to the original post. However, if Hulk says something to Ironman directly and the role-play cannot move without his response, then Ironman may respond.

    Thirdly, characters from Hetalia (once approved to be a certain Avenger or another character from the movie) WILL go by their names. For example, Viorica Dumitru is Black Widow. So, her human name will be Viorica. Does that make sense?

    Hm. I think that is all for now, until I discuss it more with Gilbert. OH! Remember, this is following the Avengers story and plot. SCENE for SCENE. Possibly, fan-based scenes can be added in, but I think it would be best to just follow the Avengers story as Hetalia Avengers. Heh. Below, is taken Avengers characters and their role-play templates. Which makes another rule - if you join as an Avengers character, you MUST use a template to always notify who you are and to create a look of organization. On the template, you need to state which Hetalia character you are and then add, "as so-and-so". See below for examples. If you would rather someone else make one for you, see me or the Head Administrator Eireann Kirkland (Viorica). We are more than willing to help you!


    Alfred F. Jones
    Captain America
    The Avengers Meets APH! Captainalfred
    Template designed by Alfred F. Jones.

    Viorica Dumitru
    Black Widow
    The Avengers Meets APH! Blackwidow
    Template designed by Eireann Kirkland.

    Alin Dumitru
    The Avengers Meets APH! Hawkeye
    Template designed by Eireann Kirkland.

    Francis Bonnefoy
    The Avengers Meets APH! HIFTSigAv
    Template designed by Francis Bonnefoy.

    Arthur Kirkland
    The Avengers Meets APH! Loki
    Template designed by Eireann Kirkland.

    List coming soon.

    ~ THE END ~

    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3oh29lH1W1rvbiz3o1_500

    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo1_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo2_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo3_250
    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo4_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo5_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3cfpja2B01qaptvjo6_250

    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3i7rgDoU81qfjd5ao2_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3i7rgDoU81qfjd5ao3_250
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    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3i7rgDoU81qfjd5ao6_250 The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3i7rgDoU81qfjd5ao7_250

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    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m3j0chpSCq1r6osye
    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m06tw4wFJ31r0ro7x

    The Avengers Meets APH! Tumblr_m1ce9wy2Yn1qko2gwo1_500

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