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In a universe where the world's countries come alive, action and chaotic world meetings are the least of your problems. Welcome to Hetalia International!

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    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on May 13th 2012, 11:10 pm

    Anyone is Welcome, send me the App for your Character if you want...

    Welcome! [Player name here]!

    You, along with many others have been selected to participate in the beta for the next MMMORPG that will take the would by storm!…Literally…

    Team up with your allies and foes to stop a greater evil from escaping the game and taking over the world, or lose all of what you cared for deeply. You must form bonds with people you hate or get along with to form combo attacks that could change the tide of battle against swarms of enemies or against a boss. Gain levels to unlock new skills and distribute points to what fits your class best, and most of all, protect what you care for the most…before it’s gone. Each class line is represented by a color

    -Classes and Class Upgrades-

    Knight -Level 50+Good Alignment> Paladin
    -Level 100> Knight Lord

    -Level 50+Evil Alignment> Dark Night
    -Level 100> Death Knight

    -Level 50> Grand Knight
    -Level 100> Veteran Knight

    Red Mage-Level 50> Red Wizard
    -Level 100> Red Sage

    White Mage-Level 50> White Wizard
    -Level 100> White Sage
    Black Mage-Level 50> Black Wizard
    -Level 100> Black Sage

    Street Rat
    -Level 20+Good Alignment> Politician
    -Level 50+Good Alignment> King or Queen
    Level 100+Corruption> Tyrant

    -Level 50+Good Alignment+ Corruption> President

    -Level 20> Thief
    -Level 50+Good Alignment> Royal Spy

    -Level 50> Assassin
    -Level 100> Master Assassin

    -Level 50+Evil Alignment+ Female> Siren

    -Level 50+Good Alignment> Royal Bard
    -Level 100> Master Bard

    More to come since this is a Beta of course.

    Name: Vladimir Braginski
    Username: TH3_1NF3CT10N
    Class: Infection
    Weapon: Virus
    Allies: A.I.

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