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    Dublin, Ireland

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    Dublin, Ireland Empty Dublin, Ireland

    Post  Mousey Neamy on May 24th 2012, 9:22 pm

    Dublin, Ireland Neamha10]

    Name: Neamhain (NYAV in) Kirkland
    Meaning: battle-fury; warlike frenzy: name of a Celtic war goddess
    Territory: Dublin(capitol)
    Age: She appears around the age of 15 to 18, she'll never tell you what her actual age is though
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Dublin, the Capitol of Ireland, is one of those women that are just naturally pretty even when they have scars and bruises. Considering how much she likes to fight it would only be natural to have battle scars. Her hair falls down her back and over her shoulders in long crimson waves the frame her face and twist in soft curls around the bottom of her long locks. Freckles spot in soft angel kisses over the bridge of her nose and over the tops of her cheeks. Leading up to her eyes she differs from her mother and leans towards her original roots in the nordic countries. The home of the vikings, who were first to settle on her land and she still tends to favor their culture. She has a strong affinity for her sister Adare looks a little like her, but doesn't compare to her sister's natural beauty. Back in the Viking and Celtic times Dublin used to wear dresses of the time but now, in the modern age, the only dresses she'll touch are the old Nordic/Viking, and Celtic style dresses that she kept. Her blue eyes reflect that of the time when she was a Viking woman and tends to make it hard for anyone to see her as her own person. She's either told that she's just like her mother, or like her said father Denmark. To keep herself reminded of her viking founder, Denmark she carries a small version of his ax and is often found caressing it with her fingers.
    Dublin stands tall with a think waist and strong legs. Her arms are muscled but not buff, more of a tones nature, but don't be fooled. Just because they look small doesn't mean they're weak. For the most part, when Neamhain is out and about in other countries she wears casual clothes and school uniform type clothes, or just jeans, she likes the winter and summer the best so her outfits tend to reflect that. When she's at home in her lands she tends to aprt the old dresses that she'd kept from viking times and keeps a Viking helmet that she still from Denmark in her room on her nightstand by the bed.
    When walking about not only does she carry the mini ax on her belt but she will have a gun with "Erin" etched into it for her mother. She loves her mother and loves to be told that she looks like her mother. She is told that her best features at her eyes, neck, and long legs, but her favorite feature is a scar that stretches across her midsection that she got in a battle with her mother. She's been offered ways to remove it but instead sports it with pride in her mother and uses it as a way to keep her mother's citizens in line.

    Personality: Neamhain is a short tempered girl and doesn't take a lot of crap. She may look sweet, and she can be, when she feels like it, but beyond her angelic face is an atomic bomb just waiting to go off. She idolizes her mother, but sometimes doesn't get along with her. Though she has her own city hall and is a "Global City" she is modest of it and tends to agree with everything her mother goes with. Her father on the other hand she has a tense relationship with. The Nordic countries have always draw her in and she goes willingly but for it to upset her mother tears her in two. She longs for her old Viking ways but the strong Celtic nature strives in her blood as well. She has a strong infatuation with her father. She looks up to his maniacal ways and wishes that she could spend more time with him and is torn between thinking of him as a father country, or something even more.
    Her Uncle Scottie on the other hand is another story. She sees the connection as her mother and her Uncle are the closest of the Kirkland family and this is the only instance where she is jealous of her mother, for having spent so much time drinking with her Uncle Allistor. Having Idolized her mother and Uncle so much, she doesn't get along with England at all, and she knows her way around a fight or two. She's always ready for a challenge and is always looking for someone who can take her down.

    Relationships: With her Uncle Wales she's pretty neutral, but not so much as her mother. She thinks he's okay but doesn't really know if he likes her company or not.
    Uncle Scottie is her favorite other than her mother and she looks up to him almost as one would look up to an older brother, but she also sees him as a good drinking buddy and a sparring partner.
    Neamhain hates England and refuses to be in the same room with him without speaking her mind and starting a fight with him, in this way, most of her practice in fighting is from her Uncle Arthur.
    With Gilbert she's not sure how to act. Her Viking and Celtic people both didn't have a good history with the Roman Empire and with Gilbert's "awesome" attitude she would like nothing more than to knock him down, but is hesitant to go into battle considering the past of their battles together.
    Dublin is okay with America but not exactly on friendly terms. More of an acquaintance. Would she attack Alfred? No. Would she scream at him and threaten to? Yes. She feels a strong connection for the simple, small states of the America's and more than anything, admires America for their diversity in economy, life, culture, and geography. In a nut shell, she's fell for one of his sons, but she'll never admit which one, and definitely not to her mother.
    Her relationsihp with her father country, Denmark is complicated at best and she sees him as in influence and something to aspire to...but at the same time when she finds herself yearning for him, she's not yearning for a "father".
    She loves her family but is closest to Adare(Rori) and Iceland.

    Other: Dublin used to have a bad reputation as being a queen of the "One Night Stand" but that quickly faded after a brawl with her mother that wound up with a scar across her mid section that she wears proudly. She had lost to her mother and didn't strut the wound as a strength pride, but as a way or enforcing her mother's rule. Neamhain is over all simple, and yet complicated. She tries to be nice and do good things but only goes off in a rage when something sets her off, unfortunantly, there are a lot of things that set the Irish woman off. Such as, calling her "Doll" or "Babygirl" or even "Sweets". Other variations include "Sweetcheeks" and many others. To her mother she is sweet as well as to her Uncles(except for Arthur whom she holds secret respect for) and is in general before being set off, a controlled and down to Earth girl that takes after her mother, almost a little too much, not to mention how much she takes after Denmark. In short, take the two countries that are crazy and "barbaric" and their child would be Dublin, so beware when she's set off. She'll strut what her mother gave her, but only enough to make you touch so she can have a reason to fight you...

    Obsessions: Neamhain, among many other people has obsessions, or things that she holds in high regard above anything else. The four obsessions of Dublin are her mother(hence then gun), her father(hence the ax), thunder storms, and war. She holds her mother in the highest regard and her father in the lowest since he couldn't win against her mother when she took her over, though she still loves him. She holds thunderstorms just under her mother, but no one save for her mother knows about the obsession. It's the only thing that will send the girl's war, or rampage to a calm notion and end it. This tends to be dangerous is she's in the middle of a war and instantly becomes a calm child carefree attitude and winds up dead for it, therefore this causes her mother to keep a savvy eye on the weather to protect her capitol. She keeps close to her mother for this reason, though she may not enjoy it.

    For now the thunderstorm obsession is only known to her mother and the few that get caught with her when one happens. Thanks to her mother this tends to only include no one but Denmark only because he used to rule her.

    Dublin, Ireland Danni_10

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