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    The art's of Warfare

    Berwald Oxenstierna

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    The art's of Warfare

    Post  Berwald Oxenstierna on June 8th 2012, 6:45 pm

    As the war turned more violent, so did the land as the weather changed into a bleak winter. A frozen world brought on by the war that was damaging it into a bitter place that none would dare to look at. It was at this time that the Land itself was in war.. Turning more brutal and bitter as bombs claimed even the small villages that weren’t involved. This was when Kylie, the Land of Kazakhstan, went insane…

    Kylie’s fingernails screeched across an intruder's face. Thin lines of scarlet formed in each mark. The man's eyes narrowed in anger, and he raised his fists, ready to hit her. She smirked and elbowed him in the gut with her AK47 and tripped him as he recoiled a step back to wither in pain. As Kylie watched him fall to his death, she grinned. Though she was an outcast in the arts of socialization, she was the empire at the arts of war. Taking one of the knives she claimed in war, she threw it down at his throat. A clean kill.

    “You killed my Brother!” yelled another intruder as the male sudden pulled out a sword and went for Kylie's neck.

    She countered it by pulling out her own blade to protect her neck. Blinking back surprise, she lost her temper and began to batter at him as if to pound him into the ground. The other suddenly thought desperately for a way out of the mess. He wasn't a A-class fighter, but he was a superior survivor and a commander of men. The male’s weapon slipped past Kylie’s defenses and slashed toward her throat.

    Kylie dodged, laughing as if having a marvelous time and praised loudly, "A wonderful strategy!” when the male slashed backhanded in a return blow, Kylie thrust her blade vertically and caught it before it cut her in half. "Excellent. Excellent. You're one of the finest swordsmen I've encountered yet!"

    The male’s attacks began to increase in its brutality at those comments, but it was to Late as Kylie went completely blank in emotion and struck her blade against his and pushed it up. Their weapons caught each other high in the air, and they stood belly to belly, face to face.

    The male whispered, "What the hell are you doing?" he began to shake then as his sword wouldn’t unlace from her’s.

    "Dying is a messy, bloody, ugly thing..” Kylie smirked and let her left hand leave all the weight to the right to reach into her pocket. "And you'll be the one to see it yourself..."

    She pulled out a long blade made for killing deer and stabbed the man in his chest as he fell backwards like the last man. She grinned and turned to return her blade to it’s sheath… Defenseless to anyone daring to advance on her.

    "Though she was an outcast in the arts of socialization, she was the empire at the arts of war."

    "Be as strong as a Lion's roar and weakness will never be in question.."

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