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    Westarctica OC

    Ivana Braginska
    Ivana Braginska

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    Post  Ivana Braginska on June 22nd 2012, 2:40 am

    Westarctica OC Westarctica_flag_new

    Name: Sekoni Stavrolakis

    Country: Westarctica

    Birthday: November 2nd

    Gender: Female

    Physical Description: Sekoni is a beautiful young girl with snow white hair and icy blue eyes. Her complexion is white as snow.  Sekoni is short, standing at 5'1. The climate in Westarctica is cold so she is always wearing winter attire.

    Sekoni wears dark colors such as black or dark purple. For her winter attire, Sekoni will wear a dark purple(or black) coat with a white scarf and gloves.  For her feet, Sekoni wears dark brown snow boots. Occasionally, she will wear a black fur-trimmed hat when away on business.

    Sekoni rarely changes out of her winter attire but when she does, she is seen wearing a dark purple dress with a white skirt. The dress is long sleeved and has silver buttons. The skirt just barely reaches her knees. Occasionally, the dress can be seen at World Meetings where she will sometimes take off her coat but most of the time, she is never seen without it.

    Personality: Sekoni is a hot-head. Due to her small stature, she hates it when people pick on her. Sekoni would often chase around the big countries such as America, UK and Russia since they pick on her the most which leads to comedic results afterwards.

    Sekoni is also childish yet she insists she is an adult and gets very irritated when she is called, "short", "cute" "little girl" etc. She is also mischievous and doesn't seem to fear anything-- not even Russia though secretly, she is a bit afraid of his intimidating demeanor but isn't afraid to call him an "cold-hearted idiot."

    Sekoni prefers snow related activities and dislikes the sun. Since the sun rarely shows up on the continent, whenever Sekoni sees the sun, she is sensitive to it and it takes a bit for her eyes to adjust. 

    Around other micro nations such as Sealand, she can actually be affectionate and cheerful. 

    Other: Since she is a micro nation, many powerful countries fail to notice her as an actual country which irritates her. 

    Sekoni's winter attire:
    Westarctica OC Illyawinter

    Sekoni's dress:
    Westarctica OC Illya
    Eireann Ó'Reilly
    Eireann Ó'Reilly

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    Post  Eireann Ó'Reilly on June 23rd 2012, 2:22 am

    More micro-nations yay~!

    I think Sekoni sounds like a wonderful and friendly character. She could easily stir things up for the smaller nations and really have an impact on their roleplay as far as standing out. Not to mention - CUTE DESIGN <3


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    Ivana Braginska
    Ivana Braginska

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    Post  Ivana Braginska on June 23rd 2012, 2:43 am

    Hehehe... thanks you. I think it will be comedic when Sekoni's temper goes off xD

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