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    In Death we are Immortal

    Im Yong Hyung
    Im Yong Hyung

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    In Death we are Immortal Empty In Death we are Immortal

    Post  Im Yong Hyung on June 29th 2012, 12:14 am

    ((Zombiees~! :,D ok so N.Korea (me) is responsible for a mass zombie outbreak, his entire nation engulfed in the living dead . . . yeah . . . uhh . . . you can be infected or you can be a survivor . . . Hyung (me) is like a carrier, which will happen when your entire nation is overrun . . . when you are a carrier you can walk freely through the zombies without being attacked, Hyung doesn't know this and I doubt everyone else does xDD and . . . yeah . . . ))

    This is it, Hyung thought, looking down upon the scientists scurrying around like mice, creating the perfect weapon for their glorious country, I will finally take over my brother. There will finally be only one Korea, and there's nothing those idiotic Americans can do about it
    For years Hyung had proposed this plan to his boss, and it was only until their recently thwarted attempts to take over South had it been accepted. The goal was to make a soldier that can take hundreds of bullets and still be able to fight. Immortality surely promised victory, and not just victory over South, but victory over the world. With these soldiers North Korea will be able to control the world.
    The scientist that were running about a . . . loyal . . . man on the operating table below had ran back to a safety zone as they prepared to complete their hard work. One of the scientist counted down, pulling a lever when he reached zero. Sparks of electricity flew across the room, making the group of scientists duck. The sparks connected with the man, smoke slowly rising from the body. The electricity subsided, from where Hyung stood he could easily see the burnt body of the man. His body was charred black, his skin turned to ash. The body was unmoving, and didn't appear to be breathing. Annoyed, Hyung pressed the intercom button, demanding what had happened. The confused scientist quickly swarmed the body, not wanting to be the next one to be tested on.

    It's been months since that day, the memory etched into the back of Hyung's mind. He was one the roof on an office building, facing the door that led to the stair well. He sat leaning against the small wall bordering the edges. Tremors shook from within his body, pain racking each of his ragged breaths. His land was covered in ruin, fires ate away the streets, the occasional scream shaking the air. What he had created, now runs amok throughout North Korea, possibly swarming into the other Countries. Whatever they were, they were unstoppable. They were immortal.
    The sickening scent of burning flesh saturated the air, suffocating any other scent. At this point Hyung was laying on his side, still on the roof of a building. He clutched himself tightly, attempting to will away the quakes of pain. From the streets below moans carried up by the winds were audible to him, making him even more aware of his horrible mistake. He started to blame himself for all of this massacre, but he wasn't going to admit it. If he admitted that this was his fault and that he felt sorry then he would appear weak and pitiful. Needing the aid of someone wasn't what Hyung wanted, he was perfectly able to take care of this himself.
    Using the small wall to support himself, Hyung slowly rose himself to a stand. He clutched the wall as his vision warped and made him feel dizzy. He took a couple deep breaths, trying to not take in any of the noxious scents, as he steadied his mind. Once the spinning had stopped, he looked towards the door. Only a few steps . . . he thought, stepping forward. His knee buckled, making him fall down. He laid there, an incredible pain shooting up his spine, making him groan. His thoughts went fuzzy from the pain, as he realized that he wouldn't be able to do anything until the pain subsided.
    Ivana Braginska
    Ivana Braginska

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    In Death we are Immortal Empty Re: In Death we are Immortal

    Post  Ivana Braginska on June 29th 2012, 3:04 am

    In Death we are Immortal Vampirehuntressivana

    The frozen landscape known as Mother Russia was experiencing a snow storm which was brought on by General Winter. Ivana Braginska, stood by her window watching the blizzard go on and on, making the air chilled and if anyone were to go out in this cold they would most likely suffer from hypothermia. General Winter and Mother Russia were merciless.

    Ivana watched the distance and squinted her eyes at the sight. What is that over the distance?

    Over the distance, Ivana saw a man. However, she wondered if that was the right term to call him that. The man's skin was charred black and his eyes were nothing but a matching black filled with nothing but darkness. The man was stumbling and Ivana could barely make him out of the blizzard. She grabbed her shovel and opened the door to wait for the 'visitor.'

    "You are not welcome here in de Motherland. Leave now and Ai won't harm you." She braced the shovel, allowing the charred man to get close. The charred man didn't say anything and walked closer to the Russian female. Ivana swung the shovel at the creature's head, knocking it off it's body but yet it still moved.

    She smirked with childlike cruelty and innocence. Your eyes. De are like two black pools of darkness... such blackness... de will make... an excellent addition to my collection, da."

    Ivana raised her shovel again and soon the white snow would be tainted with red blood.

    In Death we are Immortal Russian_flag
    Nyo: Russia (Ivana Braginska) 
    Im Yong Hyung
    Im Yong Hyung

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    Post  Im Yong Hyung on June 30th 2012, 2:23 am

    Hyung laid on the ground, twitching from the racking pain that didn't seem to subside at all. He needs help, but he refuses to admit it. He looks up at the door, it was so close but so far. His vision warped again, making the distance seem farther, or at least he thought it did. His vision could've been warped before when he thought that it wasn't that far, it was hard to remember which was which. He stretched a stiff arm over his head, determined to drag himself to the door, at least inside he would have the railings of the stairs to hold himself up.

    ((sorry . . . short post x.x and lacking detail ))

    In Death we are Immortal Splatt10
    Luka Bondevik
    Luka Bondevik

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    In Death we are Immortal Empty Re: In Death we are Immortal

    Post  Luka Bondevik on July 12th 2012, 10:45 pm

    In Death we are Immortal 2s6syfp

    Finally, Yuu was able to find time to vacation out of her home in Andorra and decided to head somewhere cooler and where she can meet some new people. As she was riding her motorcycle, she happen to notice that there were fewer people than she expected in the area. She parked her motorcycle outside a convenience store, walked in and nodded to the clerk behind the counter and went around the store to buy some pizza buns, a drink and some other stuff, but when she was about to pay, she noticed that the clerk was no longer there. Yuu looked around to see if the clerk was still around and waited for a bit, but when she was about to leave she happened to see that the clerk came back and that he looked quite different. Yuu got her bag of stuff and change from the clerk and was turning around to leave when all of a sudden the clerk took out a needle and quickly injected it into the side of her neck.

    What the heck!? -looking back at the clerk, whom wasn't human anymore- Shit! What the hell is wrong with you? And why in the hell would you stab me with a needle? Hey, I'm talking to you? Are you deaf or something? It's just a simple question that I'm trying to ask?

    Yuu knew that something was up with the clerk, but didn't know exactly what it was. As she got onto her motorcycle, Yuu happen to notice that her neck started to burn with pain and in that instant saw several other people that looked like the clerk heading in her direction, but didn't know why this sort of thing could be happening and why in the world she had to be involved something like this even though she just came to vacation away from home. Nothing was making sense to her at that very moment, but she knew one thing that would get those 'infected' things away from her and that was using her power enhanced machine rifle shot gun.

    Damn! I never knew that these people could get . . . -shooting the zombiefied people in her way- infected with a virus that quickly and that they would become zombies out of all things. Tch. Second times a charm right? I wonder what else will pop up? -starting up her motorcycle and still shooting away at the zombies-

    Yuu is able to get enough of the zombies oout of the way so she can she see what the heck is going on. As she's driving through the area, she sees something within her sight and goes to see what it is, but little does she know that the zombies are after this person as well.

    Hey, are you alright? You shouldn't be out here, it's kind of dangerous to be out here all alone. Take my hand, I'll take you somewhere safe. -offering her hand to the young man-

    Thank you. I thought I was going to get killed by those zombies back there. I owe you one, big time. By the way, what's up with your neck?

    Oh, that don't worry about it. It will heal on it's own. -getting on her motorcycle along with the young man- Name's Yuu Simon Ortiz, but Yuu is fine and what's your name?

    I'm Roderich Edelstein and I was just trying to have a nice lunch when these zombie looking people started attacking people and I happen to fight off a few and I also got some of their blood all over me.

    That's nothing compared to the small hoard I had to shot off Rod. We better find some more survivors, so hold on tight, cuz this is going to be a bumpy road from here on out.

    Both Yuu and Roderich left the area as fast as they could and from a distance it could be seen how bad the area was with the zombies roaming around. Yuu kept on wondering if this would also happen to the rest of the world, but wasn't totally positive of that notion. In fact she kept on wondering why the zombies attacked the both of them. Is there something that Roderich has that they want and what is it and what was the thing that was injected into her. Either we she would at least find someone who knows of the matter to which the chaos has erupted.

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