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    HetaOni (Anyone welcome)

    Chiara Vargas
    Chiara Vargas

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    HetaOni (Anyone welcome) Empty HetaOni (Anyone welcome)

    Post  Chiara Vargas on July 25th 2012, 10:19 pm

    So, I love HetaOni. To Death. I think it is one of the saddest, heart-wrenching, beautiful things I have ever seen. And I really want to RP it.
    I don't believe we'd have to follow the actual scene-by-scene plot of the RPG due to the fact that there are nyo characters and OC's, but the whole idea is the same. Haunted mansion, freaky-ass/steroid/alien-mutation/ghost thingy on the loose, and Italy being the one who owns the journal and who can turn back time.


    Chiara's mouth was completely dry as she stepped into the house, the door slamming shut behind her. The interior of the house seemed relatively normal, if not massive and /old./ But there was something wrong. Extremely wrong. She didn't know what it was. Her breathing grew ragged and a deep pain started to build up in her chest. With shaking hands, the Italian moved her hand to her pocket, where she had stashed a small pistol for backup. Everything was screaming at her to turn around and make a peaceful exit... to never come back here again.

    Battling against her instincts, she took another step forward. No. She couldn't leave. Something was terribly off. She hadn't seen her brother in ages, and the axis and allies have been missing as well. Not only that, but Chiara had been having night terrors; she couldn't explain them, but holy hell, were they clear. All she remembered was blood. A lot of blood. There was also a feeling of deep pain, sadness, and familiarity before she'd just lose it all. Feel nothing... as if a part of her had died.

    For some reason, all of those unbearable nightmares brought her here. And she knew that there was something in the house; something unnatural. Taking another step forward, she froze at the foot of the stairs, her gaze travelling upwards. For some reason, all she could think about was how every single step, every inch of white wall had the potential to be painted in deep scarlet.

    HetaOni (Anyone welcome) Chiara11
    Emil Steilsson
    Emil Steilsson

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    HetaOni (Anyone welcome) Empty Re: HetaOni (Anyone welcome)

    Post  Emil Steilsson on July 26th 2012, 12:57 am

    The young Micronation Stepped inside, and instantly, she felt like something was off. "Bloody Hell... I'm so Stupid for Being so Bloody Curious." She Muttered to herself, wearing her Usual Crimson and Black Corset top, Skirt, Pants, and her Heeled boots. "H-Hello...?" She Called, Not wanting to Be Killed, but wishing to find a Familiar face. She Had a Handgun and two Knives, but that was it. Even the Kingdom of Lovely Knew To come Prepared when Entering old Abandoned buildings that has "Creepypasta" written All over it, Figuratively on the last part.

    OOC: *shudders* This is a Big Plate of Creepy Pasta! XD I think I'm going to be Sleeping with the lights on tonight X3

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