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    Magnus Densen
    Magnus Densen

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    Re: Hospitalia

    Post  Magnus Densen on September 2nd 2012, 4:08 pm

    Although she seemed to have a rough exterior, the nurse was compassionate with the fellow patients. The smiles she showed were filled with warmth, however they were distant for no matter how much she wanted to grow closer to them, her job as a nurse wouldn't allow her... She couldn't allow herself to get too attached to her patients which is why she had built a wall around her; a wall every member of the institute was forced to have.
    "I'm doing fine, poppet", she responded in a casual and warm voice. Having known Viorica for nearly a month, she had been taking care of her since the previous nurse retired.
    Rose placed the clipboard on a nearby night-table and walked towards the other side of the room to pick the needed drugs. The pills inside of the medicine box shook lightly as they were picked up and turned around to have a better view of the name. She offered the meds to her patient and quickly brought the wheelchair by her bed. "Upsidaisy", she snickered as her arms coiled around her chest under her pits to gently pick her up and help her move to her wheelchair. Rose held onto her as best she could and seated her on chair as gently as possible.

    She took a moment to notice her, her head tilting lightly to the side as she observed. "Does it hurt?"

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    Eireann Ó'Reilly
    Eireann Ó'Reilly

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    Re: Hospitalia

    Post  Eireann Ó'Reilly on September 7th 2012, 11:42 am

    (character appearance (not age) change to revised Viorica. For more info, see her app in the Original Characters section)

    Viorica shifted a bit in her wheelchair, jumping slightly at the nurse's question. Her amber eyes turned upwards to the English woman, offering a fragile smile. "Nu. It doesn't hurt." She admitted honestly. "It's just that I have another appointment with the neurologist today...and some more radiology... But mostly, it's the neurology appointment I'm worried about. I've been feeling better so...I don't want anything to go wrong."

    She dropped her gaze to her legs where her hands had balled into fists above her knees. "Everything...always seems to go wrong with me.." The Transylvanian looked longingly out the window to the bustling city outside. "I just wish...something would go right for once. For all of us." She gave a frail chuckle. "But that's just a childish wish isn't it.."

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    Honda Kiku
    Honda Kiku

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    Re: Hospitalia

    Post  Honda Kiku on September 7th 2012, 9:12 pm

    Kiku just finished his lunch of steamed rice with a side of perfectly cooked salmon and got up to go to work. Getting his cloths on and brushing his teeth. He smiled inwardly thinking about his first day of work at the hospital. He always loved the human brain and how it worked. Even after going to calloge to get education about the brain it was still such a mystery to all human kind.

    The brain held many secrets and even if you had a perfectly healthy brain you would still not be able to know what you can actually do.

    Humans can only use ten percent of brain power so far. Kiku hoped he can some how raise the percentage up. He had many ideas of what it would be like if we all had more brain power. Mind reading is number one on his lists. 'If we can some how trigger that abirity then we wourd have no need for ranguage. We can just use our minds to comunicate.' He thought as he got in his car and headed down to the hospital.Kiku was not only intrested in the mental side ofthe brain but also the physical. Thats one of the reasons why he's a doctor. His main reason is to heal. Kiku imagined himself to be a healer and push the weak back to health.

    All he wanted to do was learn as much as possible and heal. He felt good when he helps a small child. But there are downsides to his job. Expeacaly for his job, it was very tricky if he made one wrong move the patient could burst to flames and might completely lose the will to live.. There is also those who have such terrible stroke part of there brain stops working, that's when Kiku comes in to examine the brain and see what is fixable. Sadly if they are to damaged... We would have to pull the plug. There are those who aren't even alive anymore.

    When Kiku is unable to save a life it takes a piece of his heart away.

    Kiku also has been to many different hospitals to work there. He wasn't to fond of traveling but his job apparently orders him to move to hospital to hospital when they are in great need. He hoped this was the last time he had to move. He wanted to stay in one place and one place only.

    Kiku parked his car and getting out. He was very excited despite his very neutral appearance. 'Who's rife will I save today?' he said to himself.

    He walked through the doors of the hospital. He stood there taking in his surroundings. It looked like a normal hospital. He stood there unsure of what he should do.
    Emil Steilsson
    Emil Steilsson

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    Re: Hospitalia

    Post  Emil Steilsson on September 26th 2012, 6:26 pm

    The young crimson-headed child watched as the Doctor took her readings, and tried to help him as much as she could. "Yes, Sometimes my chest hurts if I move around too much. also if I stay in one place for so long." As the child explained her symptoms, she couldn't help but wonder where her family was right now, and what they were doing. "Also its hard to breathe alot of times..." closing her eyes for a moment, she sighed. She hadn't been outside in so long now... she swore she couldn't remember what it was like being outside. The Poor child instead kept herself busy with working on education.

    From last time Arthur visited her, he made a remark about how she was much more advanced than her just bearly older brother, Peter. "Just to make things easier on you, Mr. Wang. You don't have to sugar-coat whatever is wrong with me. you can be blunt about it." The child admitted.

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    Re: Hospitalia

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