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    Post  Emil Steilsson on August 3rd 2012, 11:11 pm

    This is Just a story I came up with when I was on the way home from the hospital, I havent finished it yet either, but I was just wanting to see if I could come up with any more ideas in the meantime. I ran out of Plot bunnies. D:
    Reez Looked around. "What a strange place... But its so beautiful.." She Smiled, the young micronation was standing in a Town in China, trying to Find Yao's House. He invited her over for an Early Birthday Present. 'hmm... How strange. Didn't he say Receiving a present before your birthday was bad luck?' She thought to herself. "Bloody hell... I stick out like a Rotten scone in a box of Candy..." She Muttered, and Found Hong Kong closing in on her. "Ah, Hey Hong Kong!" She Smiled, trying her best to Follow the Customs of where she was. the Asian Nation silently led her to Yao's home, the Chinese man Meeting her at the door, holding a Hello Kitty Doll.

    "Ni Hao, Lovely!" The Chinese man smiled and On instinct, she Curtsied, Holding the Train of her short Corset dress out. Another time that she was grateful for the Black pants she always wore. It was mostly for the Red and black checker Design, which she usually forgets how helpful it can be. "I See You Made it To China, aru!" he Smiled and grabbed her by the arm and literally dragged her inside."Hong Kong! Help Meeeee!!!" The Western Micronation held her free arm
    towards the other Asian Country. He Simply folded his arms, Trying his best to keep his Laughter in. "Yao, what is so important you had to fly me over from Europe?!" She gave an Irritated sigh, the Chinese man setting her down in the library.

    "While England is dealing with His Troubles, he told me to watch you, So you get to stay here with me and Admi--"

    "So Your Just babysitting me?!" The micronation was furious. England STILL thought she was a mere child! "That Bloody Scone-and-Tea-inhailing Brittish-- UGH! I can't even come up with enough insults to call him!!!" She jumped up, Stomping her High Heeled boot onto the floor, Causing a Loud Bang. "I'll Kill 'em! I'll Kill the Bloody Brittish Wanker!!" She hissed, the Chinese man wide eyed.

    'She Really get Pissed off....' Yao thought to himself, Hugging the Redhead, Running his fingers through her long hair, trying to soothe her anger in a Fatherly manner. "Do not Worry, Reez, I hate him too." He Led her to a couch, and the Child Was having very conflicted Feelings.

    Tears were visible on the girl's Face, but she kept a straight face. "I'm Sorry for Lashing out like that, Yao, It wasn't nice of me." She Turned to The Chinese man, who Hugged her. "No worries, you had to let out Pent up anger somehow, Aru." She Smiled, Causing him to sigh in relief.

    "So, Yao, What is my early Birthday Present?" The Child looked at him, hidden excitement in her eyes. "Japan, Korea, and Taiwan won't tell me and I've been really really excited!" She Tightened the Crimson scarf that was around her neck.

    Yao sighed. "You Western nations are so Impatient." He stood, and moved over to pull out a Red Chinese Envelope. "Before you open this, I need you to shut your eyes." She did so, the Asian country Chuckling before Grabbing a Small Box with holes in it. "Alright Open, aru," The Girl obeyed, Practically Jumping up and down in her seat."What is it? what is it? what is it?" She repeated excitedly, and the box was handed to her. Ripping the top off, it held a baby Duckling, giggling and 'aww'ing every time it Quacked. "ITS SO ADORABLE!!!!!" She exclaimed, Giggling again.

    The Chinese Man Smiled, enjoying Her happiness. For a while now, she's been down and in a bad mood.And with her rambling on about her DUKWs which she calls her 'Ducks' he desided to get her a Duck of her own. Sitting down next to the Young and Naive Micronation, he closed his eyes and smiled, holding one of his Hello Kitty Plushies.

    Out of nowhere, Yao was Hugged, and in practically a Deathgrip. "Thank you so much Yao! I owe you alot for getting me him!" The Child Smiled, which made Yao smile as well. She Giggled when he tried to push her away from him, his eye twitching. "So Yao, what now? How long am I staying here?" She smiled and let go of the Chinese man, who let out a sigh of relief.
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