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    Achill Island, Ireland

    Luka Bondevik
    Luka Bondevik

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    Achill Island, Ireland Empty Achill Island, Ireland

    Post  Luka Bondevik on August 9th 2012, 1:19 am

    Name: Leon Kyo Kirkland

    Nation/Territory: Achill Island

    Birthday/Independence Day: Unknown

    Age: 23

    Hair color: Royal Blue

    Eye color: Lavender

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 163 lbs.

    Gender: Male (Female)

    Physical Description: Leon is very tall for his age, he is slim, but has a muscular tone to that frame of his. The cat ear like hair on his head makes him stand out and gets annoyed is anyone tucks on them, it's as if he can feel them being touched. He has a tombstone like birthmark on the lower part of his back representing the drowning of 1894. Leon also has an ear clip like earring on his right ear while there are three small earring on the left. He has a clean appearance, but that's only when he isn't surfing down at Keel Beach or just talking a swim at Beem Bay.

    (Leon's formal and causal wear are in the pictures. Sorry I couldn't type up the rest I had a limited amount of time to do so.)

    Personality: Leon is cool, calm and collected, but is a klutz and is kinda oblivious to the mood around him. He fully understands the situations that are in front of him and pulls the points in line in mind and comes up with plans to avoid certain uncertainties. Leon eats pie, but of no specific flavor and only when the mood strikes him that and he always has a lollipop with him which is is signature item. Leon isn't one to talk about many things concerning him, but when it comes to other things he will talk and make some very good valid points though he will get annoyed if someone yanks on his ear like hair (which by the way look like cat ears, but are not).

    Other (optional): Leon likes his siblings, but hates it when they start fighting and he just walks away and lays down somewhere to relax, though at times comes up with a way to completely avoid the fighting. Leon is close to Eireann and Patrick, but quite say if he's close to the other Kirklands or not. Another thing that should be taken into account would be that Leon at times changes his sex without even knowing about it, but at other times finds out that he has changed from male to female and vise versa.  That's what kind of makes Leon unique, but it seems that he looks more female than male and that he might actually be a female, since he never took into consideration the gender.  

    Cat Ear Like Hair

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    Formal Wear

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    Casual Wear

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