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    Painting Flowers

    Ivana Braginska

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    Painting Flowers

    Post  Ivana Braginska on March 8th 2012, 2:15 am

    Russia x Transylvania.

    Summary: Viorica Dumitru goes to Russia to find her father. Little does she know that she will "become one with Russia" in a whole new meaning. Rating T-M.


    Many people were dying all around. The corpses were piling up and this infuriated the head of Romania: Alin Dumitru. He was pissed off that so many Romanians, his people, were all dying at the hands of the Soviets whom were led by the one man Alin despised: Ivan Braginski, the leader of Soviet Russia.

    The death rate of so many Romanians was enough for Alin. He decided that he would put a stop to Ivan's cruelty and take back his country. He would do it for his daughter, Viorica Dumitru… the head of Transylvania. She was the very heart of Romania and Alin would do anything to protect her.

    Making up his mind, Alin assembled the Romanian army and with Viorica's safe being in mind, Alin began to lead the army towards the Siberian landscape and declare a war on Soviet Russia.

    "For Via…" he murmured, as he marched on Soviet soil.

    Viorica Dumitru knew about the mindless bloodshed between Romania and Russia. She knew how much she meant to her father. Viorica was always loyal to Alin but she was also sick of the fighting. Alin had told her to stay out of harm's way and even though she was an obedient child, Viorica knew that there was too much on the line this time.

    Viorica armed herself for battle as she put on her military outfit. When she was ready, Viorica took a deep breath before beginning the long hike to Soviet Russia.

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