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    Third Seat Hikaru (Bleach OC story, UNFINISHED)

    Emil Steilsson

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    Third Seat Hikaru (Bleach OC story, UNFINISHED)

    Post  Emil Steilsson on September 3rd 2012, 7:39 pm

    It was taking forever. Come on, seriously?! How long did
    it take for big brother to come back? We were just playing a little game of
    hide ‘n seek. What was so hard about that! Maybe… maybe it’s because I kept
    winning. “Byakuya?! Come on, what is taking you so long?” I folded my arms and
    pouted. Sure, he was taller than me, but doesn’t that mean I can find him?
    “This isn’t funny! Just because you always get what you want doesn’t mean you
    can torture me like this!” I shouted at the air, wishing my stubborn friend
    would answer.

    I turned around, just to see my big brother grab my arm,
    shouting curse words at me. I had sneeked away yet again. “Byakuya! Help!” I
    screamed at the top of my lungs, squirming in my big brother’s grasp. I’d
    rather go around trying to find my sneaky noble friend than do paperwork all

    Just when I was about to lose all hope, there Byakuya
    was, hitting my Brunette Capturer several times with his wooden sword. “Leave
    her alone and go away! Can’t you see we’re playing?!” he shouted as I was
    freed, only to pick up my own wooden sword and started to attack my brother as
    well, Giggling. Giving an irritated sigh, he tried to dodge the flurry of
    wooden blades coming after him.

    There I stood, silent and
    still, behind my Captain, Soi-Fon. Witnessing my Closest friend help the
    invader of the Soul Society. I couldn’t hold my self together, I had to show
    him what pain he has caused the Soul Society. Drawing my plain Zanpakto, I used
    my skilled Shunpo ability to appear behind The Captain and strike at him, only
    to be attacked by his Zanpakto, Senbonsakura. “I will not let you harm my
    master.” He growled, myself just managing to get out of the way. Mid-backflip,
    I locked eyes with him. My closest friend, the one who was always there for me,
    who protected me from the cruel world. He stared back at my own eyes, thinking
    he could read my thoughts. Oh, he knew exactly what I was thinking.

    “Byakuya…” I started, no
    emotion on my face as I dodged senbonsakura’s attacks, never looking away from
    the Squad 6 Captain. “This is your fault, you do understand that I will have to
    arrest you.” I explained coldly, only to get thrown to the side by a blast of
    black energy. Damn it! What was with that Substitute Soul Reaper’s idea of
    Fighting?! But, getting out of the way might have been a good thing, for
    Soi-Fon was giving me the well known glare. Giving an irritated sigh, I used
    shunpo to return to the captain’s side, but not before using the Substitute
    Soul Reaper’s Head as a springboard. He deserved it.

    “Third seat Hikaru, I need
    you to go with the ops and try and control these Zanpakto!” Soi-Fon called
    before I followed said orders. The sooner I got away from my superiors the

    The First one I saw was
    Kazeshini. The way I found out, ironicly, was that the stupid Zanpakto used his
    weapon to cut a bit of my hair off. Oh that was it. Everyone knew my hair was
    something NO ONE could touch. And, from being on the brink of breaking down
    from stress, I snapped. “Hado Number 33: Sokatsui!” I called, shooting a ball
    of blue flames at the being, obvious that I wasn’t playing around. But neither
    was he, Next thing I knew, pain shot from my side as his blade ripped through,
    causing blood to spurt out from the wound. Of course, I yelped in pain and fell
    down from my perch on the rooftop. Rolling on the ground a couple times, I
    finaly stopped, trying desperately to Get up.
    Ugh, my body felt like lead. And that’s saying something! I’m one of the
    lightest members of the squad. All of the ops fled, leaving me with this monster.
    Looking right up at him, I glared at him, and he only grinned from ear to ear.
    “So, you must be Kazeshini. I can tell because you aren’t afraid to kill, and
    you are quite quick. But remember whom you are dealing with.” I smirked as well
    before appearing behind him, my plain blade pressed against his throat. “It may
    not seem like it, but I fight similar to you. I only intend to spare you
    because I do not know what will happen to you if you die.” I whispered in his
    ear, smirking at the surprised look on his face.

    He whipped around, but I
    was in too close of range for him to attack. But, from my wound, I wouldn’t
    last long. And just my luck, more of them appeared. I had to retreat. But, as
    soon as I started to run, of course, he attacked me, getting me right in the
    back. After screaming a few curses, I spiked my spiritual pressure, sending off
    a beacon for my captain to find as I crashed to the ground, gasping for breath
    that wouldn’t come. Why? Why can’t I breathe? All I could muster was one last
    look at my attacker, who grinned and cackled at my suffering. And a flash of
    Pink destroying a building…

    “Hey Byakuya! Wanna show me that move again?” I called,
    trying to cheer up my friend. My brother had managed to take me back to do
    paperwork. Poor Bya-kun wouldn’t have it. “Come on! Teach me so I can beat you
    in the Academy~!” I grinned and swung at him with my wooden sword, He only
    leaned out of the way. “Byakuya…” I frowned. What did I do wrong this time? He
    only glared at me and left. I smirked. Just wait… one… Two… Three….

    “HIKARU!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY HAIR RIBBON!!!” He screamed
    at the top of his lungs returning and tackling me to the ground, I laughed as
    he tried to take it from me, but was too slow. Pinning my wrist down, he got
    the hair ribbon back, his hair falling over his face. A smirk came across his
    face after he tied his hair back, still having the ribbon in his hand. My hair
    felt lose… Wait.. gah! He took my hair ribbon instead! Reaching for it, I
    growled and screamed at the top of my lungs.


    My head felt so groggy.
    What had happened? Oh yes… I was greatly injured by that zanpakto. Thank goodness he didn’t hit my spine. I
    tried sitting up. Ouch, worse mistake… Ever. Ouch. “Captain…?” I asked. Soi-Fon
    was there in my room, giving a sigh.

    “About time you woke up.
    Squad 4 found you in critical condition. What happened out there?” She asked,
    making me rub my head. It was all so foggy. I couldn’t remember anything. I
    just shook my head. “anyways, Take it easy, Me and Omeda will take care of
    things. For now jus—“

    “What happened to Byakuya?”
    I interrupted, the burning curiosity eating up my common sense. She read my face, I read hers back. Silence
    filled the room, the only noise being the birds chirping outside. I took that silence
    as my answer. “So he really betrayed the soul society? Captain? Is… is this
    going to be like Aizen again?” I asked, my captain only sighing and shaking her

    “Nothing will be as bad as
    Aizen’s betrayal. I’m sure he has a reason for doing this. It isn’t like he
    could just do this out of nowhere. He has his reasons.” Soi-Fon muttered, “now
    get some sleep. The sooner your better, the easier this will be to handle.” The
    shorter female left, gently closing the door behind her, leaving me in the room
    alone. Well, except for Jigokushini, my zanpakto. He hasn’t been affected by
    this ‘muramasa’s curse. But, he was
    getting restless. So there I spent a while recovering, healing surprisingly

    Waking up, I heard a crash,
    and fighting. Snatching Jigokushini, I rushed outside, only to get snatched
    away. I had seen byakuya, and Rukia’s broken zanpakto. Did he…? My kidnapper placed a hand over my mouth,
    their long fingernails reaching far to the side of my head. He took us outside,
    and to the top of the building. Once there, he smirked. “Your Zanpakto,
    Jigokushini… do you realize the suffering you put him through?” was all he said
    before I felt agonizing pain as my Zanpakto ripped himself from me,
    manifesting. Manifesting! Wait. This being… Muramasa! “Muramasa! Stop this no—“
    I got cut off, by Jigokushini picking me up by my throat. His face was covered
    by a mask, only one eye visible, that eye having a white and blue flame for the
    iris. “Bakudo number one! Sai!” I called, and his arms were forced behind his back,
    dropping me in the process. Laying on the ground, I looked up to see byakuya,
    standing loyaly beside Muramasa. I felt so weak. My friend looked at me, only
    to flinch as Jigokushini drove his blade into my shoulder. I looked up at Byakuya and locked eyes with
    him. I could feel his despair of seeing his friend on the verge of death. Lost like almost everyone
    else close to him. “Why…. Bya-kun…” I
    whimpered while trying to tear away from the blade, only making the wound
    deeper as I was pinned to the roof. Then
    he left, leaving me alone on the rooftop with my Zanpakto about to kill me. “so
    I see how this is...” I growled, anger bubbling up inside me as a ripped myself
    away from Jigokushini’s blade.

    Despite my arm going limp,
    I picked up my sword and began to spar against him, which felt like sparing
    against myself. “I will Conquor This world! And make you pay for everything you’ve
    put me through! I’m not a Being who you tell all your fears to!” He snarled at
    me, and pushed me back, Soi-Fon was nearby, but dealing with her Zanpakto, and
    too busy to help.

    “Is that so?” I asked,
    behind him with my sword to his throat. I had enough. Call me insane, but I was
    at my limit. Giving my Zanpakto a Cheshire grin, I leaned in and whispered in
    his ear, “then how come you always listen?” I preformed an instant Shunpo and
    appeared a couple feet away, blood dripping from my blade. I sware the shadow
    the sunlight casted on me made me look even more ominous. I could see him tensing up. “Come on. ‘Shini’
    I laughed, charging at him full force, and he did the
    same. Everything else was a blur… I don’t remember it at all…

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