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    (Not finished) Time to move on

    Honda Kiku

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    (Not finished) Time to move on

    Post  Honda Kiku on September 13th 2012, 10:56 pm

    It was a normal day as always, well as normal as a 15-year-old can get. You see Caitie and her twin brother Dallas go to Birdie high school in New York, they both moved in with there aunt/cousin (I know it's confusing but it isn't impossible) when they were around nine years of age. The reason is they lost they're family in Texas, where they originally lived. 
    Caitie had to grow up quick because of them losing their parents and siblings. She became very protective over her brother and made sure he had a good life. Dallas, he was quiet and kept to him self. He wasn't as strong as his sister but to make up for it he had intelligence. 
    Both siblings were quiet in general. Both introverts and such, but they were still opposites. Basically Caitie was on the more physical side and Dallas was on the more mental side.

    Their aunt ( or cousin) was still a young adult, some where around 23 years old.  She was an extrovert, very peppy and high spirits, she was like a teenager who was high 24/7. Her name was Malinda but she was called aunt Mal. Malinda through the years had a bit of trouble communicating to the twins. They didn't talk much. It wasn't because their parents died it was just them., It's not like they weren't sad about their parents and siblings or any thing, the got depressed now and then but hey, life goes on. And time to buck up and stay strong. It could be worse, right?

    Back to aunt Mal,  she was also very flirtatious when she saw some one cute and she usually does other weird stuff at the bar she went to. She was no alcoholic or irresponsible, no she would make a great parent, she just would have one of those nights when she came home wasted.(okay sometimes, sometimes she came home wasted, okay? She's not an alcoholic) That only happened five times since the twins moved in. It wasn't a big deal. 

    So let's get to the story, it was a Monday morning and Dallas like always dragged Caitie out of bed, with a lot of whining and protesting. Finally they made it down stairs to find aunt Mal cooking her famous egg sandwich. Aunt Mal was a great cook, she learned how to cook in her home land France. Yes she was French and the twins had a bit a French too, along with German, Swedish, and British. Imagine that. Any way, unlike the twins ancestors and their aunt they did not have that whitish blond hair, they had dark brown with a tint of red in it. But their eyes were not brown, Caities eyes were a green color and her brother a bright blue. And compared to their aunt they were also, so sadly, short. Only five feet and two inches. Darn.
    Dallas grabbed two plates saying a thanks to the brilliant chef as Caitie slumped on the kitchen chair. 

    " Eat up chickadees!  I heard today in school they are planning something special~!" Aunt Mal sang.

    " What do you mean?" Caitie sat up straight and looked at her aunt quizzically. 

    " I'm not sure~!" She sang once more giggling after. 

    " What do you mean you don't know? Then how did you know something special was going to happen today?" Caitie challenged, a bit annoyed but still curious.

    Dallas just silently ate and listened like he usually did. 
    Malinda just shrugged making herself some coffee. " The school just called and said something was happening.... And yeah! So? Hows the sandwich ~?" she said clasping her hands together.

    "Don't change the subject! " Caitie yelled in frustration. 

    " It's good," Dallas muttered still audible.

    " Oh good~, I'm glad you like it!" she danced in circles and Dallas smirked in amusement. Malinda always cheered the twins up when they were down with her cheery spirit.

    "You didn't listen to them did you?" Caitie said pinching the bridge of her nose.

    "Aheh heh, Oh, Caitie! Lighten up! You'll know when you get there!" Malinda started sipping at her coffee,(she really doesn't need it) 

    Dallas got up with an amused smirk on his face, not something you see every day unless your Caitie or Malinda. He collected his sisters dish up and her half eaten sandwich, Caitie never ate much of anything. Then the twins prepared for school.
    Once they were ready they headed out the door waving good bye. 
    They walked to school which took about 10 minutes. They reached the door but noticed it was on lockdown and there were screams on the inside.
    "Shit," Caitie cursed.

    Dallas gave her a look that said ' watch your language'
    And in return she shot him a glare.
    They both peered through the windows and saw a big group of people ( mostly girls and only few guys.) clustering together trying to reach what ever or who ever was in the middle.

    Caitie recognized some of the girls in the pile of squealing and screaming. She didn't know they're names but she remembered them from when they showed her what 'yaoi' was and it left her with a flushed face and a bunch of jumbled words. She didn't understand why they were so crazy over this 'etalia' 'italia' 'eetalia' thing. But she was sure not to look it up after that. 
    Getting annoyed at the teachers who helplessly try to pull all the girls away Caitie knocked open the door and marched in with her brother nervously but with a blank face trailing behind.
    She saw a man with blond hair neatly slicked back, hiding behind a pole with a smaller bernet man who was whimpering and ... Crying? 
    She saw he carried a gun and thought that would be usfull for what she was about to do. So she swiftly walked over to the blond man who didn't notice her intill she spoke. 

    "Ahem, excuse me, sir?" She said as clearly and solidly as possible.

    The man turned in his head and when he saw her his eyes widened then turned to a glare. The small man who seemed Italian let out a small wimper.

    She raised an eyebrow at the brunet, but said nothing. " May I please see your gun? I will return it to you once I'm done." I nodded toward the crowd.

    The German man looked at me suspiciously " Vas for?"

    Caitie sighed " What ever the reason, I'm not sure, all I know is I need to get that crowd in order." She hold out her hand.

    The man thought for a moment and handed her the gun and she took it expertly.

    " Thank you," and with that she walked off towards the crowd leaving her brother with the two men watching in curiosity.

    'BANG' 'BANG' 'BANG' 

    Every thing fell silent and the girls and the few boys turned their attention to Caitie who had the gun. The teachers stepped back knowing Caitie would take care of the situation, even though she did have a gun... (O-O... Wut?)

    "EVERY ONE!" She boomed. " THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? STEP AWAY FROM WHAT EVER OBJECT YOU ARE ATTACKING!" She ordered and with an even louder booming voice " NOW!" 

    Every one scrsmbled away, no one messed with an angry Caitie, unless of course you were close. Or an idiot.

    They revealed three balled up objects. They were men.. One of them had a oldish looking bomber jacket with the number 50 on it the second wore a green military outfit, third a man with stunning white hair, he must have been an albino. They all looked ruffled up but with close inspection they were unharmed. 

    They all stood up wary of all the girls and looked up to their savior.
    But Caitie paid no mind to the three stunning men. She lifted the gun once more and 'BANG' " CLASS! NOW!" 
    All the students scrambled out of the cafetiria to their separate classes.
    Dallas and Caitie had no idea why these people were so speacal even with their mind blowing looks but they were people just like them so they will treat them as such. 

    "Kesesesese! That was awesome! But not as awesome as me!" the albino man cackled. 

    "HA HA HAA! That was cool! Now I can eat! I'm starved!" The bomber jacket man said heading towards the lunch ladies.

    " You just ate you bloody git!" The other man chided. He had huge eyebrows! Like holy cow! Is that possible? The British man turned to me, " thank you for all your help." 

    Caitie nodded. " no big deal, just... If y'all need any thing just give me a shout and I'll sort it out. My names Caitie and that's Dallas over there..." she said looking at her brother.

    " Thank you, " he nodded a bit surprised the she had a slight Texan accent.

    Caitie looked at the five strang men. " So, what are you guys doing here? Why are y'all so special?"

    " Kesesesese! Because we are awesome that's why!" the albino man cut in.

    Caitie just nodded curtly and turned towards the German. " Here." she place the gun in his hand. "Take care." Not going to deep in the subject, she'll figure it out later.
    And with that the twins both walked off side by side towards their next class deep in thought.


    Caities POV

    As soon as I dropped my little brother off I stalked smoothly to my class with ear buds in my ears listening to dubstep on max. Oblivious of my surroundings. I suddenly bumped into a large ( well large for me at least) object.

    "Ack, pardon me. Sorry." I mumbled looking up taking my ear buds out. It was another good looking man, he looked weird to me with his some what beard, he seemed suspicious and.... Why was he peeking in the girls bathroom? Did he lose something? I wonder if I can help....

    "Onhonhon~ it is all right little kitten~! " He patted my head and I brushed off and I glared at him with burning eyes. This man was some how like the other men in the cafeteria... They were all different from a normal person some how, who are they?

    " Who are you callin lil'?" I said giving him the best murderus glare I could muster.

    " You, of course! You are very small, oui? Your so cute!" He chuckled and put his hand back on my head.

    " What in the world?! Cute?? " I choked out, a bit flustered. But I shook my head. It was a lie, it always was. When ever some one told me I was beautiful or 'cute' it was always a lie, they only said these things to tear me down, or get something out of her or even get closer to her brother. Every one loved her brother. He was 'cool' and ' mysterus ' every girl fell for him. But I had no idea why, he was only shy... Why am I not cool? Why does no one want to be around me for me? I shook my head again coming back to the present. I felt hurt, how dare he? I glared and shook him off. " Go screw yerself some place else perv," I walked of as cooly as possible getting torn up on the inside . Damn jerk, why did he try to hurt me like that? 

    "Wait! Mon ami! " he turned me around by the shoulder.

    " WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT DAMNIT!" I shouted. God I hated him, why was he stalling me? What the hell does he want??
    He looked at me surprised as if noticing the hurt in my eyes.

    " Sorry mon ami..." he backed off. He went back to the bathroom and hid in the place where I bumped into him. (Oh I see. okay... that frog)

    What? What did that mean? I wish i knew french. He let me go and I turned and stalked off quickly not caring what it ment any more.


    Dallas. POV

    My big sister (even if we are twins we call each other big sister or little brother) dropped me off at my class and we nodded our silent good byes. 
    I walked in the classroom and I heard a few squeals. I looked over to see a group of girls hovering over another girl drawing something. Curiosity consumed me but... I didn't want to bother them. What if the got mad? That wouldn't be good. But wanted to know so bad. It's just a picture... I sighed and shook my head walking over to my familiar desk in the very back of the rooms corner farthest from the door. I sat and stared out the window listening to the room. The teacher wasn't there. Why not? And the giggling and sqealing girls were talking about... England? What the hell? This was English class, not history... But wait what? There talking about.... Oh god no...    Yaoi..... No... I'm in hell. I have been introduced to 'Yaoi' some where in the first few weeks of school. And it's only a few weeks till he was introduced to the horrid thing. God now he had to listen to it. At least he wasn't in the middle of it. Wait... The picture, what was the picture? God no. Please god, if you love me please please PLEASE, don't let me be apart of it this time. 
    Just like on que the girls looked over to him and he tensed, Even when he couldn't see them he could still feel their gleaming eyes boaring over him.
    He heard hushed voices and giggles and little whine of protest from Bailey who drew the picture. 
    Then he heard scampering feet clumsily coming over towards him. 
    He wondered why he had to be the only guy in the freaking class. It really did suck. There was about 17 girls in the class. It wasn't heaven like some other guys would like it was annoying most of the time. He always ended up in the middle of things. Some times if he were lucky the girls had other things on their minds. But not today.

    "Dallas! Berry drew something for you bro! " A girl named Sarah exclaimed and hopped over holding a piece of paper not showing me what it is. 

    "No I didn't! You told me To draw it!!" Bailey wailed face flustered.

    Sarahs eyes gleamed, "But you so enjoyed it when you were drawing it!" She started cackling.

    Bailey turned red and started mumbling under her breath. 

    "So any way," Sarah plopped the picture in front of him. "So, what do you think? Pretty cool huh? " She snickered.
    I stared at it blankly then my face slowly turned red... Oh god... I quickly looked away once I realized what it exactly was. 
    It was two men making out but not just any men... God no... Me and that guy with the stunning eyebrows... Oh god no please... Why? Why me? I cry on the inside.

    "W-why'd you d-draw this?" I asked looking out the window trying not to make eye contact.

    There was another cackle "You better say you like it bro, your gunna make Berry cry." she gestured to the girl who looked like she was on the brink of tears. Bailey seemed to be very sensitive. If some one got mad at her she would give a stream of apologies and tears.
    I didn't want her to cry, I'd feel bad. What was I supposed to do?
    "Bailey, it looks really g-good...." I looked at her and then she smiled sweetly wiping away some tears that have not fallen. 

    "You think it looks good huh?" Sarah snickers and the girls around her giggled.
    Great.. Just great.... I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment.
    "Then you can keep it!" Sarah shoved the picture in my back pack cackling.
    Before I could take the thing out of my backpack some one walked through the door.

    "Alright you bloody gits! In your seat, now! I am your new English teacher!"


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    Honda Kiku

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    Part 2 Time to move on

    Post  Honda Kiku on September 15th 2012, 2:14 am

    Dallas POV continues!

    "Alright you bloody gits! In your seat now! I am your new English teacher!" The man with the bushy eyebrows ordered every one, and there was a bunch of scrambling and giggling after that.

    Everything fell silent as our new teacher got his desk situated.

    "Now, my name is Arthur Kirkland. You will all call me Mr. Kirkland. Understood? Good. Now as you all know well that I am the personification of England an-"

    "Wait what?" I said almost silently my mouth agape. Not sure if he was kidding. "your kiddin me arn't you?" Oops that came out a little rude, I hope he's not to mad....

    "If I am not mistaken from earlier today you must be Dallas Fernay. And yes I am bloody serious Mr. Fernay. And a last thing... ARNT ISNT A WORD. Okay?" Arthur chided.

    " That's not possible..." I said looking at Arthur with curiosity. A thousand questions running through my head in one second. Holy cow. That isn't possible, he is joshing me isn't he? Of course he is.
    I wonder if I sounded to harsh, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. I don't like hurting others.

    Unlike my big sister, I am such a baby. She super strong and not afraid of anything. But then again she isn't very considerate of others feelings. And she isn't afraid to punch either. I wish I could punch. I never tried, I might hurt some one really bad though. I don't like that idea. But that is why I don't want to be afraid, I don't want to be afraid of doing anything. I don't know. Oh! I gotta pay attention! Mr. Kirkland is talking!

    Mr. Kirkland based his lecture on how arnt isn't a word.


    Caities POV

    Getting over sickening feeling in my chest from earlier I started scolding myself. How could I act so weak? I mean seriously I didn't even know the guy and I was almost in tears! Stupid, stupid me! Why can't I be smart like my brother? if I'd be as clever as him I would know how to smart talk that guy.

    While I was punishing myself I started having a two sided conversation with myself. Weird... 'its okay...' I told myself 'No, no it's not. ' I shook my head 'well why not? You don't know the guy, you might not ever see him again.' I growled at that thought 'That is why it's so bad! If I expose myself, to a stranger, how easily will I break down to one of my enemy's?? Or worse, my little brother or aunt Mal..'

    I sighed and walked into my history class trying to see who's there. I tried but every face was a blur. But I noticed that the teachers desk was empty. I wondered where he was for a moment.

    I took a seat farthest from the door in the back corner near the window.

    I stared out but as usual I saw nothing. Just big glomps if color. It was still beautiful. I liked looking out to the sky. Wishing with all my heart that I can fly. It was silly though.

    I heard some one walk through the doors with thick heavy boots. I turned to see a tall figure with a thick coat and something pink around his neck. I tried to focus my vision and I finally could see clear. He looked very intimidating even with the childish smile of his.

    "Hello class! I am Russia! Also known as Ivan Braginski. You may call me Mr. Braginski." he gave a creepy smile and a few girls squealed and the boys rolled thier eyes.

    Wait what? Did he say Russia? Why did he say that? I raised my hand giving a skeptical look.

    "Yes? And who are you?" His thick Russian accent echoed in the room sending a chill through every one.

    I tried to stare straight into his eyes but again they failed me so I glared trying to get a clear vision at his face which was just a blob of color. "My name is Caitie, and did you just say you were Russia? What do you mean by that?"

    I heard many gasps and 'OMG is she serious??' and a few quiet shreeks. What's with them?

    "I am Russia. The personification if Russia" He smiled with an eye brow raised as if surprised. "Now, I am your new teacher! For some reason, your stupid personification of America decided it would be fun for all the rest of the nations and him would have experience the field of teaching at a high school!" Ivan said almost laughing through clenched teeth.

    A few girls started cowering. What was with them? I mean come on! How bad can this big lump even be? I crossed my arms stubbornly and glared forward trying to focus my dang vision again. I couldn't even glare at him! Oh well just look forward. He was kidding, no one can actually believe this guy, right? He can't be Russia.

    Ivan sighed "Ah well, we should get on with the lecture...." Ivan started talking about the 'black plague' in detail.

    I stood up and slammed my hand down after fifteen minutes of the torture the people who had the plague faced. "Okay! Enough please! " I waved my hands in a X sigh over myself shaking my head. "Please! I don't like this one bit Mr. Braginski! I don't care if your Russia! Just stop! " I was feeling sick myself. I couldn't listen any more! I bet he was doing it just to get on every one nerves.

    "I'm sorry you don't like it, but it is apart of your grade so you'll just have to deal with it, da?" He said calmly. Somehow I got the feeling he was glaring daggers at me. I felt a chill run down my spine.

    JERK! I glared right in his direction. "I just don't think it is necessary by any means... Can we skip the rest of the suffering and get to the part which actually matters?" How can he even explain it so calmly? It was sickening... He was sickening.

    He walked calmly to me and bent down to my level to get eye contact. He has purple eyes, I got that much. It was still blurry. He stared into my eyes challenging and I met him with just as much.

    A few girls held in their breath.

    "If we were not in school, or even the U.S., I would have taken care of you already. But we are, so all I can do is send you down to the office. " He gave a disappointed sigh. "At least you wouldn't have to hear it any more! da?

    "What?? " I gaped at him. I only spoke out! I didn't insult him or anything! "No! Not da! I am not going there!"

    "Too bad, out!" He pointed out of the room. How humiliating.

    I stubbornly crossed my arms. "And what am I supposed to tell the principle?" I couldn't go to the office for this small thing right? The principle would see it very ridiculous and send me back, right? Right? My brother would have something clever to say. I wish he was here right now. I hate being apart from my brother. I always get into trouble without him.

    He waved his hand submissively and stood his normal height. Holy crap. He was... a giant. I had to crank my head upwards to see him. Why'd I have to be so short!
    "He would understand, I hope. Go," He looked down on me. Boy, did he know how to boil the pot quick. He put his glove covered hand on my head and veered me to the door. He knew how to boil the pot real quick. I hated how people would put their grimy hands on my head.

    He pushed me out. " I don't have to accompany you to the office do I?" I could tell there was a grin on his face. How humiliating. He had the upper power. It wasn't fair.

    "Cors' not! I can manage myself!" I huffed and stormed off. Hearing a chuckling sound. JERK.

    I made my way to the principles office huffing and puffing and stomping at times. Man was I mad. That guy got on my nerves! What if the rest of the 'nations' were like this? Nightmare! How long do we have to deal with these guys??

    I opened the door to the principles office. And I walked up to the front counter.

    "You must be Caitie, right? " A female voice came from the desk. That wasn't the normal woman at the front desk. What happened to her?

    "And who are you?" I said, again trying to see her face.

    She gasped "you don't know who I am??" She put on an offended voice.

    I shifted nervously. "Um, sorry, I don't know any one right now..." I shrugged. I could feel myself calming down.

    "So your not a fangirl?" She asked.

    "A fan- what?" I am so confused.

    "Ah, I see, you never watched Hetalia. " She giggled.

    "Oh no, not that. Never again. I ain't goin there" I shook my head. I heard of it before, and my experience with it was not good. So I left it in the dust. I knew what she was talking about now. "Wait, I thought you were fictional characters! " I rubbed the bridge of my nose. "I hear waaay to much about Hetalia and I never wanted to get involved in it ever again after the first encounter."

    "What? Really? Huh. Well okay. Well I am Elizibeta also known as Hungary. I will be in here most of the day, so if you need help I'll be here! Now you need to see the principle. In there." She gestured down the hall. "Room 227! Have fun!"

    "Doubt I will. See ya Elizibeta." I waved good bye.

    I walked down the hall looking for room 227, wait, I cant see. So I did what I could and just walked back and forth down the hall and back. Down the hall and back. Down the hall and back.


    That's it for now. I know it was short, sorry, If any one is reading this of course. Not sure. oh well.
    Honda Kiku

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    Re: (Not finished) Time to move on

    Post  Honda Kiku on October 17th 2012, 12:20 am

    Hey guys what's up? So I did write more of this story it's just not here. So here is the link to my story where it is still not finished, it's going to be one of those long stories, enjoy loves~


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    Re: (Not finished) Time to move on

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