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    (Poem) Why? Why not?

    Honda Kiku

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    (Poem) Why? Why not?

    Post  Honda Kiku on September 29th 2012, 9:44 pm

    Why don’t you understand?

    I’m not trying to make you angry

    I’m doing the best I can

    You’re making me crazy

    Holding me down by a chain

    Shriveling in my pain

    I don’t think I can keep sane

    Why don’t you let me stay in the rain?

    Where I feel whole

    And take out my burning coal

    Replace it with peace

    Let the pain seep away

    Let all the stress decrease

    What do you want me to say

    When I speak my mind

    When the answer I try to find

    Why can’t you let my speak freely

    Why do you think I’m silly

    You are the hurt in my heart

    You are the one to tear me apart

    I cannot fly

    I want to cry

    But I am afraid

    So I build a barricade

    So many rules to abide

    Emotions set aside

    I want to hide

    Maybe suicide

    So many nights where my soul dies

    So many nights where I am to despise

    I hate myself

    Because I’m not perfect

    I am only a doll set aside on the shelf

    I have gathered dust from the neglect

    Why are you angry with me

    Oh, how I wish to know

    I am full of pain can’t you see?

    I wish for snow to freeze my soul

    Remember those good times

    When we used to laugh the day away

    Why didn’t I see the signs

    Now nothings going to be okay

    Maybe the reason I fight back

    Is because I feel hurt

    And answers I try to hack

    Why can’t you just tell me

    Why are you so angry

    I’m sorry I’m not the best

    Maybe I should just put my soul to rest


    thank you for reading. Yes I made it up this night. You can comment if you'd like. In fact I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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