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    Demented Dreams or What? (Admin's story about her nightmares)

    Emil Steilsson

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    Demented Dreams or What? (Admin's story about her nightmares)

    Post  Emil Steilsson on October 17th 2012, 6:48 pm

    Connecting Between the Lines

    You see, one would say that I would be mentaly insane. What I’m
    saying is my real dreams. I have no control over their outcome, but… part of me wonders about
    connections. I have become a Video Game Theorist, who finds connections between
    events of games in seiries’. I don’t know why, but Connecting this to my dreams
    and nightmares, I can find Several things similar. Most of my Nightmares
    involve a man who claims to want to protect my fate, for he claims he has
    failed in the past. I do not quite understand what he means. But… This man, who
    claims to want to protect me, always finds a way to Brutally slaughter me. “Oh,
    you need to be tested for Insanity.” Yeah, I know most of you are thinking
    that. Trust me, the Main nightmares that
    I remember are very violent and full of gore. Yes, I am serious when I say
    this. If you have a weak stomach, do not read ahead. I promise you, it will not
    be pretty. . .

    Table of Contents

    Horror in the Graveyard………………………………………………page 3

    Demented Mall Chasing Videogame……………………………page 5

    Hero to Negative Zero…..................................................page


    I was only six years old. My dad had just shown me
    one of his horror movies, you know, the one where the horse eats the little
    girl (Who was about my age). When I fell asleep, I felt myself being wisked off
    by something. Next thing I know, I open my eyes to a little girl’s nightmare.
    All around me was blood and corpses. At my feet, the head of a man, maggots
    crawling out of his eyesockets, his body missing. Blood covered everything,
    everything but me and my nightgown. I just wanted this all to stop. Looking
    around, I tried to find an exit to the graveyard. Instead, I just found myself
    deeper in the horror. I could hear dying screams in the distance. They kind of
    sounded like the Redead off of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time… But, I spotted
    a throne, yes, a throne made out of bones of the deceased that belonged here,
    in this horror Graveyard. Ontop of the throne sat a man, looking Very calm and
    pleasant. It was a slight relief to see someone who wasn’t disfigured or
    missing anything. My Relief was Pre-mature. Getting up from his throne, he made
    his way down to me, and knelt down to look me in the eye. His words I will never
    forget. “I will rid of all who cause you grief, if you allow me.” I didn’t want
    anyone hurt. My mind was racing. What if I made a foolish mistake with such a
    command? I couldn’t take it. It would make life unfair for everyone else. I
    backed away, telling him no. That was when he did what I was surprised about,
    he stabbed me, ran me through, with a sword. I woke up screaming and in tears. My back had hurt in the area he
    had stabbed me. As I looked at the ground from my bed, I could still see the
    bloodied ground of the horror graveyard. I ran to my mom’s room, slamming into
    the wall twice. I couldn’t tell where anything was… all I could see was that
    graveyard. When I found my mom, it all melted away into reality. Everything was
    normal. I was safe, there were no dead people, everything would be Normal. Oh
    was I wrong.

    Demented Mall Chasing Videogame

    You know those Videogames where you have to keep
    the character moving? Like in those Side-scrolling games? Yeah, it was kinda
    like this, but I was the character. I was running down a never-ending hall of
    some shoppingplace I’ve never been to before. I have a large fear of Rottweiler
    dogs. Ironicly, I was being chased by that. In the corner of my vision, I could
    see three poorly drawn stick figures of myself, like something a little kid
    would draw. This said dog was crashing through everything, attempting to kill
    me with its massive jaws. I couldn’t get away. I screamed in agony as it tore
    me limb from limb, savoring the blood. Everything went black for a second, and
    then I was back at the beginning, one of the figures in the corner of my vision
    missing. Being the Videogame nerd I am, I realized I had just lost a life… and
    if I loose two more, I’ll be game-over’ed. I tried hiding this time. It found
    me hiding in some playground, one from Elementary that I used to play on. This
    wasn’t time for memory lane, though. It had brutally slaughtered me yet again,
    before I was starting at the start again, one figure left. This time I got a
    lot further, only to be eaten at the end. I didn’t realize until after I woke
    up that I had actually drawn my ‘lives’ when I was little. Three figures. Now
    how disturbing is that?


    Okay, so you know how when you were little, and
    you always had your favorite super heroes? Here I was, in my dream, fighting
    next to my favorite super heroes. It is nerdy, I know, but I’m just that way.
    The bad guy had pulled out a lazer that he said could kill anything, and fired it
    at me. I yelped and ducked, only for him to appear behind me and give me a
    beating, all of the heroes with me trying to defend themselves. I curled up in
    pain, only for the bad guy to pick me up by my wrist, and take me over to this
    futuristic-tube-looking-thingy. Pressing a button on it, The tube opened, and he
    dangled me over the drop. I hurt too much and was bleeding. Need I remind you I
    was still really little. The leader of the heroes tried to rush forward, only
    to watch the bad guy let go, the last thing I saw was the bad guy’s true face,
    one I did not realize who until later. My body fell, tumbling down the hole
    painfully. I could hear the shreaks of agony of spirits below me. The hole was
    endless! Lightheadedness was starting to strike, and I fell unconscious. I woke
    the next morning to bruises on my side.

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