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    S E C R E T S [Inspired by "Dark Storm Rising"]

    Magnus Densen

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    S E C R E T S [Inspired by "Dark Storm Rising"]

    Post  Magnus Densen on November 5th 2012, 2:43 pm

    S E C R E T S
    Rated T/TEEN for GORE.
    Join at your own risk.

    Message to those who join:
    Each country has its legendary character, right? Find the character that had inspired a legend of the country you represent and use it as reference.
    My reference: Elizabeth Bathory - The Blood Countess

    Screams of agony, moans of fright and shivering breaths. The sounds were captured between four thick walls and the scent of blood lingered up to the first floor of the castle. "Higher", Elizaveta's voice commanded and the ropes holding a beaten up girl's body pulled her higher from the ground. The victim's wrists and ankles were tightly tied behind her back and her gown was ripped and dirty.
    The baroness had a sadistic pleasure in torturing innocent virgins, draining them of their blood usually by drinking or bathing in it.

    Rumours had spread throughout Europe since decades ago that monsters with sharp teeth drained those unlucky enough to become their prey off of their red liquid. If a corpse was found with deep and thin holes in their flesh, humans would inevitably blame the monsters and Elizaveta Hedervary was one of them.

    In the corner were a few girls shivering as they watched the sickening show the baroness enjoyed so much. They knew that they would be the next ones tortured.
    Elizaveta kicked a basin underneath the prey and waited the show to begin. Tonight, her skin would be covered in crimson yet again.

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    Ivana Braginska

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    Re: S E C R E T S [Inspired by "Dark Storm Rising"]

    Post  Ivana Braginska on November 21st 2012, 7:19 am

    I will post a template when I make it but I wanted to post my starter now while it is fresh in my mind. Also for historical purposes, Ivana will be referenced as "Anya."
    My reference is: Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Google her if you don't know her -u-

    It was winter in the year of 1916 and the extravagant ball of the century was held in all of Imperial Russia. The Romanov dynasty was celebrating their 300th year of ruling. Tsar Nicholas II, proud father and ruler, celebrated with drinking vodka and dancing. The youngest daughter, Anastasia or Anya, was sitting, watching the guests as her sisters were off making mischief. Anya was happy and she could hear many of the guests commenting on her beauty. Anya was the very beauty of Russia. After watching her sisters, Anya went around the ballroom, staring at awe at the beautiful gowns. Truly the sight was marvelous. Anya believed that this would be another great year with her family as rulers.

    Oh how naive she had been.

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