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    Forest Shrouded in the Mist


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    Forest Shrouded in the Mist Empty Forest Shrouded in the Mist

    Post  Thailand on November 6th 2012, 8:57 pm

    (( Honestly I have no clue what I'm thinking i took this from another site i rp on ( i made this topic) ))

    "Deep in the middle of the northern Canadian wilderness far far away from civilization is said to the home of a beast. It's Gray, stands about ten feet tall and is shrouded in matted fur. It's said to be able to make even the tallest of trees come crashing down with a tap from its fingers. Its claws are filled with a venomous poison that will turn anyone affected into a beast just like it. It's eyes though are the most beautiful shade of scarlet red, are said to be hypnotic. Even a quick glance can turn one into a minion. Once you hear the loud screech of the beast you must turn around and run as fast as you can to have even the smallest chance of getting away alive. The forest is filled with its minions waiting hungrily for their next meal. Do not go looking for this monster...or it may just find you."

    "HAHA then i guess we better me careful then right Toto" Thailand ignoring all of Canada's warnings walked into the wilderness. It was pitch black and the only source of light he had was a small paper lantern. The Thai flag the was sewn onto his jacket to prove he was a country faded to black. "wha.....am i not a country in here?"He shook his head. "no of course i am ana~" He smiled and walked onward."KUMAJIRO!!!" Thailand yelled at the top of his lungs. Kumajiro had run off a while ago while Canada was shopping. He claimed that he saw a giant salmon and ran off into the forest. "It would be nice if we could find him soon ana~ i'm getting hu........what?" A thick mist soon shrouded them then they heard a loud screech. "To-Toto...." Thailand tried to talk to his pet elephant but the words wouldn't form. He shook an shivered then soon he felt fur on the back of his neck. "Kumajiro!?" Before he could even breathe his face was slashed, blood gushed from his face and he was knocked down on the ground causing Toto to fall out of Thailand's jacket. Thailand took out his cell phone and dialed one of the other countries' numbers in an attempt at calling for help. "Toto...run!!!!!" Thailand said this just as someone on the other end answered in their native language. The elephant ran but looked back just to see his master being dragged away leaving behind a trail of blood.


    if it isn't obvious the objective is to rescue Thailand and Kumajiro. The only way to rescue them is by killing the beast and the beast can only be killed by getting its head chopped off. I of course will be controlling Thailand's monster and also the main monster. I will be godmoding but not to an extreme (all powerful monster duh) but anyone who isnt the main monster cannot and i repeat CANNOT godmod.(leave some options open.)

    Every character has one. (nothing outrageous!) and an inventory with food and other things you might need.


    Pairing off into groups and even couples is ok ^.^ (its in this section for a reason ohonhonhon)

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