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    BBC Sherlock.


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    BBC Sherlock. Empty BBC Sherlock.

    Post  Kirk on December 20th 2012, 6:26 pm


    BBC Sherlock. La635


    So I seriously got tired of finding this link over and over again. So I decided to post it here for all the forum to see and so nobody would get left out when a few of us start fangirling over it. A whole episode lasts around 90 minutes / 1 hour 30 minutes. Though for you viewing pleasure it's chopped into 20 minute parts. It goes in order but if you get confused it goes from Episode One to Episode Two to Episode Three to A Scandal in Belgravia to Hounds of Baskerville to The Reichenbach Fall. Please enjoy!

    Here's a short synopsis if you still aren't sure.

    Sherlock is set in 21st Century England. Sherlock Holmes is a "consulting detective" for the Metropolitan Police Service. Along the way, he meets Dr. John Watson, a doctor that served in the recent war in Afghanistan, who now helps Holmes solve seemingly impossible cases and, of course, help pay for his flat. All isn't jolly and good though, Sherlock's archnemesis, Jim Moriarty, continually causes the dynamic duo problems along the way. But with Sherlock's expert detective skills, he overcomes most of the oncoming obstacles...


    Also, available on Netflix. C:
    Alfred F. Jones
    Alfred F. Jones

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    BBC Sherlock. Empty Re: BBC Sherlock.

    Post  Alfred F. Jones on December 20th 2012, 6:44 pm


    BBC Sherlock. Tumblr_m6bujaDMNV1qcxzm0o1_500

    That is all.

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