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Hetalia International RolePlay

In a universe where the world's countries come alive, action and chaotic world meetings are the least of your problems. Welcome to Hetalia International!

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    Feliciano Vargas
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    Post  Feliciano Vargas on January 20th 2013, 5:37 pm

    Characters Permitted: C A N O N . O N L Y. (No Fem! / No Nyo! / Or any other forms. )

    Characters recommended to join: Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, China, Russia

    Characters appreciated to join: Prussia, Canada, Romano

    Summary: Countries worked together in order to survive Zombie Apocalypse.

    Everyone is going to be a zombie.
    Don't use this role play to introduce your character. (Ask if you want to know more)
    Once you became a zombie, you can't walk like human being: Communicate, and stall.
    Zombies can group up and kill other countries. (The fun part of being a zombie! Use the chatbox to discuss grouping)
    If zombies failed to commit their hunger. I'll force mother nature to annihilate you.

    Need to know: Try your best to maintain the group of main 8 (Characters recommended) to survive till the end.

    Role play will start when I get the amount of characters I need.
    Tell me via Private messages if you wish to join.
    Once the role play starts characters can't join anymore, unless you're willing to be a zombie at the start.

    Countries up for the role play:
    Feliciano Vargas (Italy)
    Kiku Honda (Japan)

    Arthur Kirkland (England)
    Francis Bonnefoy (France)

    Emil Steilsson (Iceland)
    Elizaveta Hedervary (Hungary)

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