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    Places around the world

    Magnus Densen
    Magnus Densen

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    Places around the world Empty Places around the world

    Post  Magnus Densen on January 31st 2013, 4:37 pm

    What places did you visit, are going to visit, or would you like to visit in the near future?

    Hey, guys!
    I thought I'd post a fun topic about countries/places since this is supposed to be a Hetalia RP forum.
    Post images of the places you visited or would like to visit and add your opinion on it. It's a great way to get to know each other better.

    - Cheers,
    Liz (Moderator)

    Places around the world Denmark-flat-icon Places around the world Hungary-flat-icon
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    Magnus Densen
    Magnus Densen

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    Places around the world Empty Re: Places around the world

    Post  Magnus Densen on January 31st 2013, 6:27 pm

    I haven't been to many places yet, but I do hope I'll get to travel around the world one day. I absolutely adore travelling and trying out new things, like food, drinks, clothing and so on.
    I prefer rural places over cities. I love picturesque places such as the Italian, Spaniard and French villages or very old cities that hold a lot of history.
    I feel overwhelmed whenever I am inside of the houses and palaces of famous historic people, or when I walk the same roads they walked on. I can't explain why I feel so much emotion and power emanating from those places. It's so magical.

    Places I've been to:

    H U N G A R Y

    I liked Hungary, but I hated that it didn't have any mountains. The whole place is basically flat, but the architecture is nice, I guess. It's a very peaceful country.

    I've only visited the capital since we only booked a hotel room there. I would've loved to visit more cities.

    Visited Budapest:

    Places around the world Budapest-5

    Places around the world Budapest_varosnezes_4

    Places around the world Heroes_square_budapest

    A U S T R I A

    I haven't actually visited any Austrian cities, just passed through it. I haven't seen much of its architecture since we didn't leave the highway.

    R O M A N I A

    Friendly people, beautiful views and bears.
    A beautiful country with amazing mountains. I spent most of my childhood there in Cluj which is the "heart of Transylvania".
    I still remember the language. Eh, sort of. It's better than nothing, right?

    Last summer I went to the Ceahlau mountain with a group of Poles. Here's a friendly advice: don't wear yellow while you're hiking. I'm still traumatised by those bees... -shudders-

    I've also visited Sibiu which was Europe's capital a few years ago. I must say that I really loved it. I kind of felt at home there. No wonder it's called "Little Germany", or something like that.



    Places around the world Piata-Avram-Iancu2_(Cluj-Napoca)

    Places around the world Unirii-square-cluj-by-monica-popa

    Places around the world Cluj-napoca-127840

    Yes, I went up there. It was awesome. I've almost broken a leg.
    Places around the world Ceahlau1



    Places around the world Old_city__sibiu_by_lalylaura-d3l1yzr

    Places around the world Sibiu-City-2

    S P A I N

    I adored Spain! Also because I travelled by plane for the first time there. It was around evening before we landed. The sun was just about to set and, boy! The views looked incredible! I still remembered how shocked I was to see the mountains from above. I'll never forget my first flight. Best experience ever!

    We landed in Madrid then headed over to Mostoles, a nice neighbourhood next to Madrid. I liked how peaceful it was.
    I remember the warm summer temperatures. I visited Madrid, Segovia and Toledo. I didn't enjoy Madrid so much for it was too crowded and the roads were too narrow. The Royal Palace and Church compensated for it.

    Segovia is beautiful. It's intimate and romantic. I loved the aqueduct~!
    Toledo is one of my favourite cities! I haven't seen so many weapon shops in one place... IT'S HEAVEN ON EARTH!
    However, there's a church that simply terrified me in Toledo... it had chains on the walls. You could imagine the unfortunate victims cuffed against them and left to die. Such terrible images.

    Places around the world Madrid-west-view

    Places around the world Palacio_Real%2C_Madrid_6

    Places around the world Madrid_Valley+of+the+Fallen

    Places around the world Acueducto-791

    Places around the world Pedraza-segovia

    Places around the world Iglesia_san_millan_segovia_t4000612.jpg_1306973099

    Places around the world Ciudad-de-toledo

    Places around the world D_ptadocecantos_toledo_t4500537

    Places around the world Church%20chains

    Places I would love to visit:

    1. Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
    2. Benidorm (Spain)
    3. Mykonos (Greece)
    4. Pamukale (Turkey)
    5. Paris (France)
    6. Liége (Belgium)
    7. Ghent (Belgium)
    8. Vienna (Austria)
    9. St. Petersburg (Russia)
    10. Peru - all of it!
    11. Cairo (Egypt)
    12. Switzerland - Uncertain where yet
    13. Sweden - Uncertain where yet
    14. Finland - Uncertain where yet
    15. Iceland - Uncertain where yet
    16. Cornwall - (UK)
    17. Scotland - Uncertain Where
    18. Ireland - Probably Dublin
    19. London - (England)
    20. Hawaii
    21. Jakarta (Indonesia)
    22. All of the American states you guys live in.

    And so many other places.

    Places around the world Denmark-flat-icon Places around the world Hungary-flat-icon
    LIZ 20  DENMARK (UTC+1)
    Madeline Williams
    Madeline Williams

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    Places around the world Empty Re: Places around the world

    Post  Madeline Williams on March 13th 2013, 1:47 am

    France, we went to Paris, Toulouse, and other cities I'm sure. I guess I didn't have a good time on my first trip so I didn't go on the second one - which I should of because of course the second time was a way easier time around - the other reason I didn't go was I'd have a bunch of schoolwork to do. I would really love to go back. We also went to EuroDisney, that was fairly fun, went on thunder mountain three or more times. I was kind of young when I went to France so sorry about my memory won't pull up too much.

    While in France I remember getting this beautiful rose shaped ice cream, visiting the Eiffel Tower, having a stuffy but nice hotel room, visiting my great grandfather in Toulouse, we saw the outside of the Notre Dame but we didn't go inside, and I'm sure there were other things.

    England, we stopped there at the airport. Not much to say, I don't even know if I can count it.

    Belgium, we had to stay the night there so we got a room, then took the plane back home I believe.

    I wish I did more over in Europe, hopefully I'll get another chance for it. My family went to Canada, I was working at the time and couldn't go, there will be other chances to go there I'm sure.
    Arthur Kirkland
    Arthur Kirkland

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    Places around the world Empty Re: Places around the world

    Post  Arthur Kirkland on March 17th 2013, 4:49 am

    I really just want to travel the world in general. Like, go to Europe and Asia. The Uk, Spain, German, Sweden, Finland are destinations I wish to go too. As for Asia, I'd say Japan and Taiwan. And Australia & New Zealand for sure!

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    Places around the world Empty Re: Places around the world

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