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    Kirkland Family Values

    Luka Bondevik

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    Kirkland Family Values

    Post  Luka Bondevik on July 12th 2013, 4:43 pm

    Okay. So the gist of this is the Kirkland family and how poorly they sometimes get along, but at other times it's all peachy perfect where everyone gets along fine. Then again what's so normal about this family in the first place to begin with?

    And one more thing. Please don't wait for someone to reply to reply you put for them. Make it more interesting by ganging up on the others and see what happens.? Okay? You got that? So we're clear right? If any question pm me. I'm always happy to listen to your opinions and ideas.


    He'd expect this to be a calm and relax day, but once he entered the big house there happened to be a huge mess and lots of yelling, whining and breaking of things. Of course he wouldn't expect nothing less of the family, but this was outrageously ridiculous half his family acting like little children, other than him being the second youngest in the family he would look out for things and help out as much as he could before more of a mess was made. 

    He sighed as he made it the biggest room in the whole house which was the living room and even then that room was a complete mess, but he kept calm before looking around at his other family members and what looked like to be a guest and yet he didn't bother with that for one second as he heard a man speak out about some chores that needed to be done around the house. That man was Charles Kirkland; Leon's older brother as well as the older brother to the other family members around. 

    As Leon took a seat he happened to notice that some a couple of his siblings were fighting and just shrugged it off as he handed out slices of apricot coat pie so they could at least have some time to calm down before the chaos broke out again. Leon just waited on what chore he was going to be assigned, but in the meantime he just ate his slice of pie.

    "So who is going to get what chore and what will happen afterwards once all the chores are done?" Leon asked while eating his slice of pie and watching as the others continue to bicker about hurting each other and what not. "Oh. Before I forget I might need to tell you guys something since Eireann was the first one to know of this problem I have. So if isn't too much of a bother."

    Emil Steilsson

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    Re: Kirkland Family Values

    Post  Emil Steilsson on July 12th 2013, 5:43 pm

    "AGHHHH I don't think I can go on like this!" A thud was heard as the micronation threw herself on the ground and was being too over dramatic.Her reddish hair fanned out around her, slightly ruffled from flailing on the ground. She held her side and made coughing noises. Of course, the youngest member was faking being injured. Alas, anyone In their right minds could tell that unless you were a bloody idiot. "Please don't make me work since I'm injured!" The red-head started having a fake coughing fit. By now, her clothes were coated in dust from the lack of a clean household. "I think I ruptured a spleen!" Reez Kirkland curled up on the ground, complaining almost non-stop. It was very normal for her to complain about having to do work. Just look at the mischievous child when she had to do paperwork. Why would she need to do chores if she was a micronation! In her mind, Since she was so young, she needed to stay with someone who won't yell at her. If it were her choice, she would probably stick with Eire all day. Why not? the woman was her Role Model!
    Ivana Braginska

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    Re: Kirkland Family Values

    Post  Ivana Braginska on August 31st 2013, 4:12 am


    Meredith gave a long and painful sigh. Today, she was to have to endure her family. The Victorian girl shuddered for there were some members of her family she could stand and others she could not tolerate. Getting prepared for the long and painful day, Meredith put on a simple dress but still kept her elegant poise. Looking at herself in the mirror, she looked like a porcelain doll with how fragile she was.

    Upon entering the manor, she was horrified at the sight that she thought she may vomit. Her family were acting like children and this often disgusted her with their raucous. Furious, she made her way to the living room where Charles had called the family. It was the annual Kirkland cleaning day where all the mansion chores were to be accomplished. Meredith cringed at the filth and wondered which territory she would be stuck with.

    "Honestly Reez, you are such a lazy and spoiled brat. You act like that improper tart every time I see you" Meredith said, sternly. It was quite obvious that the Victorian lady held a strong dislike for their sister; the rude and improper Irish woman whom the young micro nation adored much to Meredith's displeasure. 

    Meredith sighed and hoped that this annual visit to the Kirkland mansion wouldn't last long. She could already feel a headache coming. As her brother gave out the chores, Meredith stared off into the horizon as if in a dreamlike trance, waiting for her assigned chore to be presented.


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    Re: Kirkland Family Values

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