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In a universe where the world's countries come alive, action and chaotic world meetings are the least of your problems. Welcome to Hetalia International!

    Hey there! :3


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    Hey there! :3

    Post  Fabrizia on October 14th 2013, 4:05 pm

    Hello, darlings! I'm new around here (no, really?) :3
    I plan to apply for characters soon, probably for a canon character at first and then for an OC~
    Eeh, I really don't have much to say (I'm quite shy, also~ but I'm working on that *super embarrassed*)
    Anyway, I hope you guys like me (so we can have lots of fun togheter, Pinkie style! *oops, wrong fandom*)
    Luka Bondevik
    Luka Bondevik

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    Re: Hey there! :3

    Post  Luka Bondevik on October 15th 2013, 1:51 pm

    Hi and Welcome to HetaliaInternational.

    Welcome to the crew my friend. I am Yuu one of the mods here. If ya got any questions feel free to ask away. I promise we don't bite.

    Hope you have a good time.

    If anything you can PM me if you every need anything.

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