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    Post  Alejandro Gonzales on August 24th 2014, 12:51 am

    Title: On the Guard
    Setting: 11th Century Constantinople, the Varangian Guard
    Pairing: friend/rival SuDen
    Original Language: Spanish

    Milklagaard (Constantinople) 1098

    Berwald looked into the Marmara sea, so diferent to his homeland, so warm... as he cleaned his bloody sword, for they had just crushed one of those hippodrome riots... Alexios Kommenos, King of the Greeks and Emperor of the Romans, he would pay them... remembering his past life in Sweden as he kept staring into the sea... his old nickname ''*Oxen's Head'' for being so Stubborn, Hw his family was murdered by Haardrade... and how he ended up there, finally, he looked at the Piraeus, from a ship, a strange tall man, with an equally strange weapon perhaps from Holmgardr* right then he heard a voice, sword in had he turned, only to find...


    Great, it was THAT dane, at first it seemed like they didn't get along, but actually they were friends... After all they were both exiles, escaping from Haardrade

    ''Hallå'' the swede answered, coldly as usual

    ''c'mon Oxenstjarna, why so serious?''

    Sigurd** just smiled, on his armor, with his axe, Berwald stared at him

    ''Alright, I know you varely talk... but this cute courtier is looking desperatley for a Varangian*** so...? want to see her?''


    A sigh, followed by an awkward silence finally the dane took his axe and looked at the swede

    ''want to fight¡''


    Sigurd ignored him, almost dragging him off to the beach, soon, most of the Guard was around them, watching, Berwald took his sword, looking

    ''I won't hurt you'' he said before striing with his axe, Soon Berwald managed to block his attacks, but was forced to fight on defensice, not used to it, attack, block, and repeat, in the end however, the sword was weaker than it's owner, breaking on a strong axe hack, Sigurd stopped and smirked

    ''I win!''

    ''sure...'' replied Berwald, sarcastically

    -that night-

    The great hall of the palace, was filled with music, joy and alcohol, beer, wine and mead were passed on cups of Greeks and Varangians alike, and if there was a great drinker, it had to be Sigurd

    ''too much'' said Berwald, looking at the obviously drunk dane, flirting with an equally drunk greek girl

    ''her name is Sophia'' said Sigurd, drunk and laughing with her

    ''please! every girl wants a norse tonight... what if we make their wish come true?'' he added, as a persian, member of the guard, shot them a glare

    ''venligst hvad siger du? you, me, too greek cuties?''
    Berwald just looked, not really caring

    ''it will be fun!''

    ''you are too drunk... and so are they''

    Sigurd just laughed loudly and looked at him ''better, more girls for me then!''

    -some 90 barrels of Mead and Beer later-

    with a huge lot of Alcohol on his brain, Berwald looked at Sigurd, flirting with more and more greek girls, he smirked

    ''what do you Oxenstjarna?''

    ''you win'' he said already drunk, walking to the trio, music filled the air, people danced, y suddenly they were taken into a bedroom

    -timeskip brought to you by: Saxon Artisan Mead-

    at waking up, Berwald had the most horrible headache, they really drunk too much, he looked at the bed, noticing both greek girls on one bed... it could only mean...

    the next thing Sigurd saw, was a fist against his face, he laughed and looked at him

    ''ast night you were not so grumpy''

    Berwald glared and Sigurd laughed

    ''please! it was fun... first each with a greek... then they and us... and so on'' Sigurd added with a laugh as the Swede looked at him, shocked


    it was all he said before taking the Dane from the neck and smashing him on the wall

    ''Jag hoppas du dör för denna jävel''

    ''h-hey, I can't b-breath''

    Finally he let go, the dane stared at him

    ''let's do it again''

    ''I'd rather die''

    ''that's the attitude!'' said Sigurd sarcastically, looking at the asleep greek beauties

    ''not even for them?''

    ''not even for them''

    ''alright... watch out on the next party then'' he said with a laugh, before getting dressed and walking out, leaving Berwald with the two girls...


    Homlgardr: Scandinavian name for Novgorod, in Russia
    Varangian: name applied to northerners and rus' by the byzantines
    Sigurd: old norse name meaning ''strong guard'' it makes more sense than ''Kristian'' in case he still follows the old religion

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