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    Of Red Hibiscuses (Malaysia)


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    Of Red Hibiscuses (Malaysia) Empty Of Red Hibiscuses (Malaysia)

    Post  Alicetology on December 11th 2014, 6:36 am

    Name: Malik Razak
    Nation/Territory: Malaysia
    Age (optional):1613 (I did some research but its actually quite vague)
    Birthday/Independence Day: 31 August 1957 
    Gender: Male 
    Physical Description: His height is average 5' 5", his weight is unknown (most likely, he hides it, as Malaysians often hide their weights). His skin is a bit tanned, which comes useful if he's going out to the beach - he hardly sunburns at all (taken from the fact that we Malaysians rarely have sunburns even if being hours at the beach). His hair is a messy brown-ish black, covered with a songkok, a traditional covering/hat for male Malaysians (though turbans are more traditional, but it will make him look weird, and don't get me started what will he looks like with a tengkolok.) and he has a pair of hazy brown eyes (I'm suddenly thinking about hash browns- see, what I meant with hazy? We always get distracted and daydreams a lot. That's Malaysian for you.) He always wears his baju melayu, usually in these 4 colors - yellow, red, white, and navy blue - as those are the colors in his flag, which was brought up since his independence. He matched them with black, leather shoes, and some royal badges plastered on the chest and shoulder part of his clothes, also one, the official emblem of Malaysia on his songkok. He also inherit the large eyebrows from England after being colonized by England. 
    Personality: He's calm, and loves smiling, but sometimes can be a bit mischievous especially around England. If he's furious, he'll kick your ass, but keep him calm and naughty and nothing will happen. He's quite good around China, but after the MH370 incident, they rarely talked much, except in meetings and such. His hobby is teasing Indonesia, messing with Singapore, but keeps a neutral relationship of Philippines and Brunei. He loves animals and plants, quite the jungle person This makes England called him "uncivilized" sometimes - and is adventurous, considering his hobbies of climbing mountains and raking through caves. He's also easily distracted, mentioned above - for example, he's doing his paperwork, when a great show is on TV, and he'll rather leave his work just to watch the show. He's quite talkative, and (secretly) loves to gossip about latest celebrity issues (believe me, here, men do these jobs too.) He's not that fond of Netherlands, Japan or Portugal as he was once colonized by them- but he still maintains a good relationship with them. Especially Japan - he had started doing diplomatic relationships with the fair-skinned Asians. He's quite clever - some of his citizens managed to work in NASA, and is very kind - having that he does a lot of charitywork, helping countries in need. He's also obsessed with sports, mainly being football. He also tends to become fanatical when watching football matches.
    Other (optional): He owns a saka pet called "Belang" which is, a tiger. He also owns a weapon called keris - a short-sword, and also good in martial arts especially silat.
    Note :I wrote them in Microsoft Word first.. sorry if this form seems off or there's any mistakes with it. I hope this doesn't sound Mary Sue, since this is my first RP... and I'm sorry if he does get approved but I can't RP that often since I'm in a boarding school... sorry for the rant...

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