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    Berlin, Germany

    Celdwyn Kirkland
    Celdwyn Kirkland

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    Berlin, Germany Empty Berlin, Germany

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on March 15th 2012, 12:51 am

    Name: Johanna Beilshmidt

    Nation/Territory: Berlin

    Age: 19

    Birthday/Independence Day: 3rd of October

    Gender: Female

    Physical description: She looks a bit like her uncle, especially when she's angered. She dresses similar to Germany because he wanted to get her used to being his territory, which never works. She tends to get into fist fights with her uncle and cousins, especially Frankfurt, which leads to scars on her body and such. She had a scar on her stomach and a missing eye due to the Cold war.

    Personality: Overall, she's a bitch. Actually, one of her favorite things to do is boss people around. Berlin was originally Prussian territory, so she picked up on his huge ego, too. And like her uncle, Germany, she is very regimental and strict. She also hates her uncle because he couldn't save her father during the cold war.

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