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    ¡Prego, Classe di Italiano!



    Re: ¡Prego, Classe di Italiano!

    Post  Guest on April 27th 2012, 8:23 pm

    Eduard casually walked into the halls hoping he isn't late or anything. His clock sure doesn't lie, he walked and looks at his watch, mumbling to himself hopefully he wouldn't be late to the class he actually enjoys. He reached the door and placed his hand against the door, took a deep breath and entered.

    "professore! I'm sorry I am late! My answer would be 'Io sono nato in Estonia'?"

    He wasn't quite sure if he would give the right answer or not. For so, he put it in a questioning phrase. He didn't want to be embarrassed. He looked around the class room, seems like no one is there only a british student and hi. He awkwardly grabbed his sea and gazed at him. Wasn't sure if he is supposed to talk him or not... he was completely sure there are only 3 of them... Viorica, Latvia and him. Why there's another student here?

    Estonia shrugged this off and looked at the professor ready to learn.


    Re: ¡Prego, Classe di Italiano!

    Post  Guest on April 27th 2012, 8:52 pm

    Raivis walked behind his older Brother and entered the classroom. Looked up at the bored and took a deep breath, luckily for him, this was his favorite class and he always payed close attention to the Italians teachings.

    "U-Ummmmm.....lo ho Seidici professore"

    Smiled at his teacher hoping to get a reward for his answer. The Latvian had a huge sweet tooth that got the best of him at times.
    Feliciano Vargas

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    Re: ¡Prego, Classe di Italiano!

    Post  Feliciano Vargas on April 27th 2012, 10:20 pm


    It's only five minutes left before the class starts. He nervously watched the British went into the back of the room taking his seat from there. He saw the two brothers that couldn't be separated came into his classroom, and answering his review questions that he gave a moment ago. Time is clicking... He approached the British student nervously, meanwhile, the two students get into their seat. He looked at the British's eyes, his voice was totally cracking up... "Arthur... You're kinda late in the class... You missed my lesson on the first week, but I believe you can catch up." He whispered, updating the new student. He walked back in front of the room and patted the desk near the front and yelled out. "Arthur. Please-sa-sit here from now on... I dont want you to be left out"He smiled at him.

    "Correct, Eduard! And your not late" He chuckled, enjoying his students, then he came over to Raivis and patted his head, and looked at him into the eye, continuing his speech once again "...Anni. When you're saying your age. You never forget to say 'Anni'... I'm starting to think I should give you a quiz according to that one! He chuckled once again. Finished approaching all the present students, almost the fact it made him sad, 2 were absent, compare to the last one... None was absent, it was a success. He walked to his desk to mark the two students absent. Its rather sad for the Italian's note.

    Well... Either way. It was time for his class. He walked towards the white board and introduced the new lesson.


    "Okay! Now, we have a new lesson! We're going to learn about expressions, and introduction about yourself. With that said, you will learn to introduce yourself in Italian. Expressions are not meant to be translated one by one, but it is meant to be memorized as a whole. So, you need to memorize it. We're also going to learn about numbers one to ten, I'll give you the pronunciation! Okay! Let's-sa-start with the easiest one!

    + Buon Giorno, means 'Good Morning'

    + Buona Sera, means 'Good Afternoon'

    + Buona Note, means 'Good Night'

    BUT! Buona Note is only used at 12am midnight to 3am in the morning. It is a term that is only used when everyone is asleep OR wishing someone goodnight. Now moving on...! Its time to know how to ask someone or greet someone.

    + Come stai?, means How are you, in Informal form, when greeting your friends and family.


    + Come Sta?, means How are you, in Formal form, when greeting someone who is higher than you, for example, a teacher, or a doctor.

    With this question, you can answer several things-sa!

    + Bene, Grazie, means 'Good, Thank you'

    + Cosi-Cosi, means 'So-So'

    + Non c' è male, means 'Not bad'

    + Abbastanza bene, means 'Quite Well'

    + Molto bene, means 'Very good'

    And of course..

    + Molto Male, or Male, which means 'very bad' or 'bad'

    NOW! Classe! I would like you all to try and introduce your self to your fellow classmates. By Saying, Hello, Ciao first, your name, your age, where you are born, and ask how they are!

    Feliciano would clap his hands expecting his students would follow his instructions. He indeed explained his lesson well.

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    Re: ¡Prego, Classe di Italiano!

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