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    Wondrous Art Brought to you by Vlad

    Celdwyn Kirkland

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    Wondrous Art Brought to you by Vlad

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on March 20th 2012, 5:02 am

    Welcome to the Art Class.

    I am your teacher, Mr. Vladimir Braginski. I will teach you the wonders of art and crafts. I'm what you would call a carefree teacher as long as you do your projects and classwork, simple da? We will work with Paint, Clay, Sketching, and other forms of art that I guarantee you'll love.

    No fighting
    Respect all
    Participate (at least 2-3 post)
    And you're allowed to bring food and drinks, as long as it doesn't get in the way.

    Participation 5%
    Classwork 15%
    Projects 30%
    Final Exam 50%
    [There is no Quizzes or Homework, unless you take a project home, be happy.]

    Class A: Manuel De La Cruz Sanchez [I love that name...], Moscow
    Class B: Ivan Braginski
    Class C: Empty
    Class D: xFrancisbonnefoy
    Class E: Ayaka 'Anolani, Carlos Narvaez
    Class F: Elizaveta Héderváry,

    Class Layout

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    Ivana Braginska

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    Re: Wondrous Art Brought to you by Vlad

    Post  Ivana Braginska on April 6th 2012, 1:58 pm

    It was Friday and the blonde, old-fashioned British woman walked to her art class. She was in class E and to be honest, she was looking forward to this class. She stepped into the art room and saw that it was completely vacant. She took out her pocket watch and saw that she was early. Very early. In her excitement, she must have hurried to get to the school. She sat down in a seat and began to read to pass the time.

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