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    Victorian England OC

    Ivana Braginska
    Ivana Braginska

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    Victorian England OC  Empty Victorian England OC

    Post  Ivana Braginska on February 15th 2012, 6:04 pm

    Name: Meredith Kirkland

    Nation/Territory: Victorian England

    Age: 24

    Birthday/Independence Day: June 20th

    Gender: Female

    Physical description: Meredith is a beautiful woman with a slender body. She has a pale complexion, long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her bangs are choppy and frame her face. Her fingernails are painted black.

    Her attire is that she is completely gothic. She wears mostly dark colors ranging from blue to black. Her most common outfit is a blue sleeved and white dress. She wears stripped leggings and black heeled boots. On her head, she wears a blue Victorian top hat with a lace at the bottom and a red rose on it. Around her neck is a white ribbon or a cross choker.

    Personality: Meredith is a very polite and educated young woman. She is cultured and knows how to play the violin. Meredith however can be cynical, blunt, strict and sarcastic. She is strict on punctuality and will often punish people who are late. She carries a silver pocket watch to keep time.

    Victoria is mature and sometimes referred as a "cold" child for she rarely shows emotion. She fights with Arthur Kirkland and during this time, she never loses her calm demeanour. Her biggest pet peeve is dirt and filth. Being a well brought up lady, she is strict on manners and has OCD qualities that she will go crazy and force the nations to clean up their mess or they will be punished.

    Other: Meredith fights with Arthur a lot as he is her younger brother but the two both share the belief of magic and the supernatural. Victoria can be rather imaginative and at World Meetings, she is always seen drinking some Earl Grey tea which is her favorite. She despises being around idiots. Due to her cold demeanour, most nations are afraid of her but only those that talk to her will rarely see her flash a smile. She is very mysterious and misunderstood.

    Victorian England OC  Hattop
    Meredith Kirkland

    Name: Lydia Kirkland

    Physical Appearance: Lydia is Meredith's 2P personality. Like Meredith, she has long blonde hair and emerald green eyes, a slender figure and fair skin. Meredith refers to her as her twin sister.

    Lydia's attire of choice are elegant and cool colors. Her favorite color is emerald green.

    Personality: Lydia is the exact opposite of Meredith. She is cheerful, happy and a bit of a ditz. Lydia also has a strong sense of responsibility and kindness. She is also very motherly and protective especially of her sister.

    Her negative flaws is that she hates talking about herself and disappointing others. Lydia puts 100% in everything she does and is very empathetic and sympathetic.

    Other: Lydia has a very low tolerance for alcohol. It is also possible that Meredith is jealous of her sister. Lydia is a rare 2P that isn't violent or filled with hate.

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    Lydia Kirkland

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    Eireann Ó'Reilly
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    Victorian England OC  Empty Re: Victorian England OC

    Post  Eireann Ó'Reilly on February 15th 2012, 9:00 pm

    Fantastic! ;D approved~

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