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    Hallway of doom

    Ivan Braginski

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    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Ivan Braginski on March 29th 2012, 9:33 pm

    Ivan dipped his head a little bit as she bid them farewell, yet he blinked in a puzzled manner at the ointment. He had already forgotten about the throb; it really was not bad at all. Yet just to be polite, Ivan took it with a Russian word of thanks.

    "Latvia!" He blurted out as the Latvian came in to shatter some of the tension. Well... he might have said it a bit too loudly.

    "Ravis.." He said in a quieter, more casual tone. "Please fetch my books from de library. Meester Feliciano will know which ones dey are ef you ask him."

    Berwald Oxenstierna

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    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Berwald Oxenstierna on March 29th 2012, 10:17 pm

    Just ignoring the other country's without some much more then soft glance, he let his tensed standing go more relaxed in appearance. The Swedish man let out a sigh and cast one last look at Russia, "This isn't over.." was all he could manage to say when he turned around and began to walk around.

    ‘Well.. I did all I could for now.. Leave to others to break the moment.. Thank goodness.. to some extant..‘ he thought quietly to himself, a soft tapping echoing behind him as he made his way towards the door to leave the building.

    He had other manners to attend to, but he could do them later.. All Sweden wanted to do right now was sit down at a Cafe and relax for a few moments. Even read a book or two about writing or history. Something to take his mind off everything.

    "Be as strong as a Lion's roar and weakness will never be in question.."


    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Guest on March 29th 2012, 10:37 pm

    Thank You Hawaii <3

    The Boy shivered slightly but obeyed his boss's command "Yes sir" Continues to the library as fast as He can to avoid getting involved in the conflict between the two powerful nations.
    Ayaka 'Anolani

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    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Ayaka 'Anolani on March 29th 2012, 11:00 pm

    hehe your very welcome Latvia

    After she as she was exiting the library she saw the young Latvian student go rushing in, in a panic. The Theater teacher chuckled as she held the door open for him as she made her way out. Soon she saw that Mr. Berwald was still tense from the little "disagreement" that he had with Mr. Ivan as he left the building. She wondered if there was something she could do to help make him feel more at ease. As she thought to herself she walked down the hall with a pondering and deep in thought look, not noticing that the principle was still in the hall.


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    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Fish on March 30th 2012, 5:36 am

    At the further end of the hallway, a certain Prussian student lurked quietly, listening in on the heated "debate" between the two older men. Slightly irritated at first that they proved to be quite a barrier between him and the library - not that he had any intention of actually studying in there - but they both turned out to be more amusing than any soap opera he's seen. At any given moment, he could have attempted to ease the tension between the two, but that wouldn't be any fun, now would it?

    The Prussian bravely peeked out from the hallway corner and watched intently, secretly rooting for the Swede. There was no mistake he harbored a great dislike for the Russian...and that was only putting things lightly. There were stronger, much more vulgar words he had in his vocabulary to describe it.

    'Atta boy, Sweden! Beat the living shit out of him! Pound him into the di- His thoughts were cut short when he spotted another teacher. He hastily pulled his head back around the hallway corner, taking extra care not to give away his presence. An angry stream of German curses were spoken as loudly as the given situation allowed, directed towards the female. Of course. Leave it to a....a GIRL to spoil a man's fun! Worried that somehow, somewhere, a psychopathic feminist might have heard him, he quickly added, No offense to chicks or anything. They're great at stuff like cooking and cleaning! Kesesese... Whoo! Dodged a bullet there! ...A bullet to the balls that is...

    When he peered slowly back over to the main hallway, the Swedish man had disappeared and the female was now walking away, leaving the Russian by himself in a vacant hallway. Feeling that the coast was clear, he picked up his backpack, quite empty aside from a pen and a pack of gum, and slung one strap over his shoulder. Hands shoved deeply inside his pant pockets, he sauntered into the hallway, looking as bored and vacant as possible. He walked straight past the school principal and placed his hand on the doorknob of the library door. With his back turned and his visage hidden from the other's view, only then did he break from his nonchalant expression and into his normal, more mischevious smirk.

    "Enjoying school before it's even begun, Mister Braginski?" He put heavy emphasis on the other's name, nearly spitting them out as if it were deadly poison on his tongue. The Prussian absolutely hated anything to do with the Russian, but he simply could not ignore a perfect opportunity to aggravate him, or at least try to be a nuisance to him. "You're causing more trouble than I am! What an achievement!" His hand released the doorknob and dropped to his side. The male turned towards the other, a mocking grin slapped onto his face as he attempted to bore holes into the Russian with his intense stare. "You're in for a hell of a year. And Sweden won't be the cause of it. You'll have other things -- No. Other people you'll be more preoccupied with."

    Ivan Braginski

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    Re: Hallway of doom

    Post  Ivan Braginski on March 30th 2012, 12:51 pm

    Somewhat crappy reply. I'm at school and don't have time for editing..

    “Ai would be greatly disappointed ef it were de end, Meester Berwald.” The Russian murmured in response to the Swede. His tone was still quite casual behind that irritatingly innocent smile.

    Ivan began to walk down the hallway, opposite from where the Prussian was coming from, when he heard the sluggish footsteps of the student. At first, the Soviet was just going to continue walking without a word, yet he halted as the boy’s first sarcastic greeting. Inwardly, the Russian sighed in annoyance. Oh, how much "fun" this boy was. But... kids were kids.

    Ivan waited for his casual smile to appear before turning and regarded the boy with his signature impassive mask. Those flickering orbs of amethyst were still brutal and heavy in their gaze, yet still softer than what they had recently been. However, Ivan wasn’t stupid. He caught the attempt the boy made to stare him down, so he returned the unblinking gaze, drilling them dead into the Prussian’s brilliant red optics.

    “Good morning to you too, Meester Beilschmidt.” Ivan greeted lightly. “Hmn... well ai must say troublemaking does runs in my family. Ai am sure you will figure dat out soon enough ef you meet my kids. However...” The corner of the Russian’s smiling lip rose a bit, turning his seemingly friendly smile into a casual smirk. “Your sister seems to get into trouble more dan you do. What was her name... Berlin, was et? Ef you are disappointed in your skill at causing trouble, den you might want to take some classes from her. Although ai tink et will be easier on both of us ef you don’t.”

    The thin brow over the right eye arched ever so slightly, yet that irritatingly calm smile still held.

    “Ai am aware of de tings dat ai will have to deal with. But hell makes tings so much more interesting, da?” With a faint chuckle, Ivan picked up his briefcase and tilted his head ever so slightly at the Prussian's last phrase. Irritation gnawed at Ivan’s insides.. yet that was not enough to wipe that smile off his face.

    “Really now...?” Ivan mused lightly after a few short moments. His quieted voice adopted an eerie edge... “Den let's hope dat de people who are intending to make my school hell know what dey are getting into....”

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    Re: Hallway of doom

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