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    Feliciano Vargas

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    Post  Feliciano Vargas on March 28th 2012, 10:07 pm

    Great! I got your attention. Few things all you guys HAVE to know.

    We are changing the Gakuen Hetalia schedule before we formally get the Gakuen Hetalia started. (I'm very excited, LOL!)
    Instead of following the classes by time We will follow the schedule by days!
    With this way, it's going to be easier and flexible.


    Class A Represents Monday
    Class B Represents Tuesday
    Class C Represents Wednesday
    Class D Represents Thursday
    Class E Represents Friday
    Class F Represents Saturday

    (Remember, Japanese schools have Saturday classes? Since Hetalia is made by the Japanese, we're sorta going to adapt to their style.)

    Sunday is the Students... "Do whatever you like day". All students have the right to Go study at the Library, Go to their own clubs, do activities in there (Clean, chat with the other members and other such), and maybe just hang out at the Cafeteria. Sunday is the... "Freedom" day.

    Every active forum member has to be a student. Better get your schedules up and send it to any Admin, We'll approve it and contact the Teachers in order to have you put into their roster. The admins are, Fem!Russia, Me, Italy and the head, Viorica. If you still didn't make a schedule for yourself, I'll hunt you down and pressure you to make one.

    Questions you guys might ask

    Q:How is this going to work?
    A:The Classes will work... For Example. By the time you opened this would be Wednesday(The day I posted this Announcement) With that. Class C, should be taking place.

    Q:What if a student doesn't have his/her class topic up and its time for his/her class?
    A: Obviously, the class meeting wont be held because the Instructor isn't present, and there was no was 'help' teacher. This will give the student to have a something called free time. The student can go wherever he/she desires to go. Club, doing activities such as, practicing their magic(as an example for the Magic Club) or simply just cleaning the meeting club, their rooms. OR take a trip to the Library to study, hang and eat at the Cafeteria. If a student needs emotional support or need to check about their "studying" status, visiting the counselor at this situation will be the right time.

    Q: What if the Instructor doesn't have a single student in that particular day or class?
    A: WHOOO HOOO! FACULTY LOUNGE TIME! Or simply, go to their offices and set up, get ready for their next class, which is the next day.

    Q: What if a student can't still keep up with the new schedule and you can't be regularly online?
    A: Contact me, Italy. And We'll work something up. You, I and your teachers will, head's up for the teachers, you'll have a lot of work if you bestowed a student like these.




    This all goes for all Students and Teachers.

    If you have more questions that isn't answered in this post. Send me a message. If it's a smart question, I might post it here for everyone else to see.

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