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    Volgograd, Russia

    Celdwyn Kirkland
    Celdwyn Kirkland

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    Volgograd, Russia Empty Volgograd, Russia

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on April 14th 2012, 2:11 am

    Name: Vladimir Braginski

    Nation/Territory: Volgograd/Stalingrad

    Age: Somewhere in the late teens is all he knows

    Birthday/Independence Day: February 2nd

    Gender: Male

    Physical description: Vlad could actually care less of what he wears, as long as it keeps him warm during the winter. He usually wears a light weight grey jacket with a dress shirt under it, his light blue scarf that is burned, torn, and bloody at the ends. He would either wear jeans or dress pants, depending if he was going to a formal meeting or a planned meeting with a comrade.

    His most distinct physical problem is his scars, the worst being where his left eye once was, the scar can still be visible even if covered by an eye patch or bandages. His eyes are a very dim grey or a very bright red depending on his mood.

    Personality: He is a bit messed up in the mind, mostly due to WWII and the Battle of Stalingrad. He tries to distant himself from most of his family except for his sister Moscow and his brother Viktor. He tends to get a bit violent when someone mention his mother, since he never seen her.

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