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    Rebelling against the Silence

    Ivan Braginski
    Ivan Braginski

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    Rebelling against the Silence  Empty Rebelling against the Silence

    Post  Ivan Braginski on July 10th 2012, 11:48 pm

    Hello everyone ~

    I doubt it’s necessary to mention the lack of activity on this forum. Needless to say, people miss the old forum which was bustling with activity

    Thanks to a few certain people, I personally have found my will to role-play slowly begin to come back.

    Thanks to France’s wonderful idea and Hungary’s wonderful input, an idea for a new topic has been created.

    For those of you who don’t know, the 2P [or second Player] of a country is a character’s alter-ego who is stashed away in a mental “realm.” 2P is the opposite personality of your country who looks and acts nothing like the normal country [1P].

    For example, 2P!Russia is a serious, manipulative opheliac who remains unsmiling. 2P!Italy [correct me if I’m wrong, Feli] is more of hard-core Italian maphia sort of person, 2P!France is Grumpy, sasdistic, heavy smoker, doesn't smile much, not much into love as 1P!France is, selfish, etc.... get the gist?

    The plot’s still being thought out [input and ideas are welcome], but here is the plot so far;

    2Ps grow tired of their 'world' or mental realm and with each other, and try to come out and take over the 1ps on earth.

    They can start off as trying to take over their 1p's body on earth by trying to force their way out of their mental realm,

    resulting in personality flips of the normal 1ps. The First Players on earth get the gist of what the 2Ps are doing and blot

    them out, forcing them back into their realm.

    One of the 2ps get to a mirror by mistake [maybe just aimlessly wandering about their realm], and drag their 1p

    through the mirror and get out into the real world, while the other 2ps keep the 1p hostage in the 'other world.' The 2p that

    got out can take control of the 1p's former life and begins trying to lure the other countries to mirrors...

    As the 2Ps figure out that the only way to get into the real world is to drag their 1P through a mirror, One by one the 1ps are captured into the brutal 2p world while their alter egos begin to battle the 1Ps back on earth. The 1Ps have to figure out a way to rescue their friends and family from the other world.....

    That's just a brief outline of the plot... thank you France for coming up with the idea, and thank you Lizzy for your input C:


    Also, I've noticed a lot of good, used-to-be popular role-plays that seem have been abandoned. Role-plays such as;

    * The Beach role-play started by Estonia

    *The Underworld role-play

    * The Vampire role play

    * Young and Wild

    Those are just a few examples, because there are MANY more that have been inactive. I know role-playing mood has

    kind of died due to real-life things such as vacations, school, work, etc... but still...

    Why don't we all at least make an attempt to reply to at least one of those?

    Even if you think your reply does / will suck, it will still get things flowing again. C:

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