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    Ivana Braginska
    Ivana Braginska

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    Post  Ivana Braginska on August 13th 2012, 10:57 pm

    Come one, come all to Mafitalia! In this version of Hetalia, the hetalians are either police officers, criminals, mobsters, innocent bystanders or somehow connected to the underground city life.

    Rules for the roleplay are simple. Only two characters will be permitted for this. You can only have ONE character in the selected groups. Two of your characters CANNOT be in the same group. Personal templates are permitted but not necessary. Before each post you must however, state which character you are and their occupation. If you wish to join, please PM me and your template for the character list.


    Police Squad and Staff
    • Chief of Police - played by Ivana Braginska

    • Deputy
    • Lieutenant
    • Officer #1 - played by Francis Bonnefoy

    • Officer #2
    • Officer #3
    • Warden - played by Gilbert Beilschmidt
    • Prison Guard #1 - played by Viola M. Jones

    • Prison Guard #2
    • Prison Guard #3
    • Director
    • Judge
    • Baliff

    Mafia Members & Associates
    • Mafia Boss - played by Lovino Vargas

    • Captain - played by Yuu Simon Ortiz
    • Soldiers[limit to 3-5]
    • Drug dealer
    • Informant - played by Eireann Kirkland

    • Thug
    • Pimp - played by Antonio F. Carriedo
    • Prostitutes[limit of 3-5]
    • Weapons dealer - played by Leon Kyo

    • Lawyers
    • Politicians

    Innocent Bystanders
    Normal civilians and innocent young children would be considered bystanders. We need a few of these.

    - Jack F. Jones
    - Nuo Jones

    Nyo: Russia (Ivana Braginska) 
    Wang Yao
    Wang Yao

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    Re: Mafitalia

    Post  Wang Yao on October 28th 2012, 3:28 am

    A dull monochromatic haze seemed to coat the hard city streets. Oily smoke and grime penetrated the air, sneaking down residents’ throats and wrapping itself with their lungs. Brilliantly colored graffiti, some simple others complex, threw the rest of the dark alleyways and rusted padlock fences into stark contrast. The inhabitants of the urban hellhole reflected their surroundings well. One couldn’t walk a single block without seeing men, women, and children alike looking like the hardest beings on the planet. Prostitutes and drug dealers, gangsters and thugs, and ordinary people surviving by the skin of their teeth, all peppered the boarded up apartments and desolate streets.

    Sitting perched by a high window, a trained predator observed those below. Every moment that would happen next had been planned thoroughly and meticulously, each detail gone over again and again so that mistakes wouldn’t, nay couldn’t, possibly occur. The target would come into view at exactly 7:45 as he did every night. He would pause to make certain no one was outside his home and would leave himself vulnerable in the process.

    The figure in the window crouched in the shadows, golden eyes shining through the darkness. A cold, metal gun barrel peeked out over the window sill, one apathetic amber iris peering down through the scope. He waited calmly for the man below to take one wrong step into the light, finger tapping the trigger in slight boredom.

    There it was, a casual stumble off the front step and, within a split second, the victim crumpled to the ground, a precise hole in his head and a starburst of blood and brain matter splattered over the wall.

    The assassin packed up his weapon in record time, strapping the guitar case containing it to his back as he darted expertly down the nearby fire escape. The silencer had done its job well, but, though the deed had been carried out cleanly and quietly, he would still rather not stick around too long and risk getting caught. In his escape, the killer sprinted through the light of a street lamp that was just beginning to flicker on, illuminating the twilight.

    The black clad figure sped by, long ebony ponytail bouncing against his shoulders, the only skin visible being from his forehead to cheekbones. Within twenty minutes, loud sirens blared through the empty streets, screeching a battle cry, growling for the criminal’s capture. Little did the authorities know that this sly, jackal of a man was already well away from the area.

    Far on the other side of the dark city, fluorescent lights flashed invitingly through the darkness, welcoming in passersby. A thin, honey eyed Asian entered through the main entrance. He had discarded the cheap black clothing in a dumpster a few miles west in favor of a crimson mandarin shirt and sleek black dress pants. Another figure sat near the back of the bar beside a thick velvet curtain. He glanced up suspiciously as the Chinese man approached, sneering at the seemingly ordinary brunette.

    With a completely straight face, the Oriental pulled his bangs away from his ear, revealing a brass lung dragon clinging to the cartilage. Eyes widening a moment, the guard half tripped over himself as he drew back the curtain, giving passage to the feared individual. Without a word, the long haired male walked through the short hallway and stopped by a door near the end. Another guard, this one more familiar with him personally, nodded and unlocked the door, taking a few steps back as the Asian passed through the doorway.

    The door closed and locked behind him with a click as he took in his surroundings. The room was small and dimly lit, the majority of the floor taken up by a corner sofa and a small coffee table. It was meant for private, one-on-one conversations, which easily explained the security and soundproofed walls; especially when one considered who these conversations would be held by.

    There was another man already seated on the sofa, assumedly watching him as he took a seat beside him, leaning back as he spoke,

    “Everything went without a hitch. He will no longer be an issue for you.”

    The man’s tone was as casual as if he were making an idle comment about the weather, one leg crossing over the other as he watched the other man, calmly awaiting his response.

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