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    A day with the Kirklands... in the chatbox

    Magnus Densen
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    A day with the Kirklands... in the chatbox Empty A day with the Kirklands... in the chatbox

    Post  Magnus Densen on August 14th 2012, 8:42 pm

    [23:22:16 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : ACK! SORRY! DIDN'T KNOW!!! T_T-tackles Charlotte and hugs her with an evil glint in his eyes- Should I show you the same love I show our dear sister Annie?
    [23:23:14 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : -Charles laughed a bit, taking his brother lightly by the shirt collar- Hah Hah...No...
    [23:23:53 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : The Scotsman grinned a slight crooked grin and pulled his head back just slightly. "I see my elder brother. Have you missed me that much?" He grinned again and placed a small but hot kiss on his brother's cheek. "Don't panic. I've missed you as well."
    [23:28:11 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : @Charlotte: He smiled more and shook his head then patted hers. "No little Charlotte...I'm afraid Charles would hang me a thousand times over if I were to do that."
    [23:30:54 14/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : @Allistor: "Heh... is your love that rough? Naughty, naughty!", she snickered and shook her head. "Well, I suppose it can't be helped." She leaned in a bit and flicked his nose with a grin on her face.
    [23:33:16 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : @Charlotte: He chuckled gently and followed her as she walked. "Are you saying that you'd like to know the degree of my love sister? I'm not sure Charles would appreciate that." he grinned and bowed his head, eyeing the thousand nooses but decided to ignore them. He lifted his head slightly with a smirk, "Either way I would be happy to oblige to your curiosity."
    [23:35:35 14/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : Charlotte stopped in her tracks and turned around, having her arms folded over her chest. "Oh? Is big brother flirting with his little sister now or is that simply my imagination. If you continue like that, you might actually make me blush!", she taunted.
    [23:38:12 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : Charles had finish the last of the nooses, stepping down from his ladder, just to get himself caught by his foot in one of the messed up ones. "Gah! Cymro i lawr!" He was suspended upside down, just a few inches from the floor.
    [23:40:07 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : Allistor only chuckled and shook his head, "How insulting, giving me years I don't have. You know you are my elder, sister." He chuckled again knowing the anger received when speaking of a woman's age. "Shouldn't you be setting an example for you little brother instead of lying about your age?"
    [23:44:43 14/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : Charlotte balled her fists at her sides and puffed out her lips in an attempt to pout in a childish manner. "Oh! Come on! Can't you just treat me like a little sister? It's tough being the eldest one around! You should be proud I look up to you as a big brother!", she whined. She caught the glimpse of their elder brother hanging upside down and gasp lightly. "Charles! What on Earth are you doing!" She ran towards him.
    [23:46:24 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He looked at Charlotte, smiling like an idiot, "Oh you know...just...hanging around..." He laughed a bit looking up at his twin. "So...Am I gonna be hanging here all night? or are you gonna help your dear twin out?"
    [23:48:22 14/08/12] Allistor Kirkland : Allistor turned and shook his head laughing. "Are you sure you're ruthless brother? Is this how you win wars my dear Charles?" He chuckled more and shook his head at Charlotte. "No, let him hang a little longer. He can help up keep time if we let him swing back and forth."
    [23:50:05 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : Charles reached into his pocket, trying to find his knife, "Alright then, as soon as I cut myself free, I will hang you upside down for the night..." He smiled a bit, joking to his little brother...until he did get down...
    [23:51:06 14/08/12] Ivan Braginski : Rori blinked some. Before her uncle could get to his knife, the Celt flicked out her own silver dagger and flung it carefully in his direction. The fine blade sliced through the rope, cutting the male down.
    [23:52:10 14/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She glared childishly at Scotland and with a light "hmph!" noise, she turned to her brother. She picked up chair and placed it next to her twin, but... there was no need for her help for her brother fell before she could even climb up the chair. "Ah... you're free!"
    [23:52:25 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He landed on the ground on his head, even if it was a few inches, gravity was against him which caused him to hit the ground pretty hard. "Ow...Welsh man in pain!"
    [23:54:20 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He got up, rubbing his head in pain as he stumbled a bit til he regained balance, "Fah this hurts..."
    [23:56:06 14/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : Charlotte inched in closer to her brother and placed her hands upon his shoulders from behind. "Should you sit down, Charles? Come, we'll work on the nooses later."
    [23:58:20 14/08/12] Charles Kirkland : "Fine, fine...Let's go sit in the living room, have some tea and cake..." He smiled a bit.
    [00:06:10 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She grinned, hugged his arm and pulled him towards the living room. "Good! I still can't understand how you got your foot stuck in that noose. You're quite clumsy, aren't you, big brother?"
    [00:08:34 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He sat down in his favorite chair, smiling just a bit "No...I just think I might be getting old..."
    [00:11:33 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : "Nonsense! If you're getting old, I'm getting old as well! Come on... don't tell me a face like this is not good enough to fool any youngster!", she whined and pointed at her face. "Besides, you look younger as ever!"
    [00:11:49 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : young*
    [00:17:37 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : Charles blushed a bit, looking at his twin's face for a minute, "Why yes, I don't think anyone could be fooled, and thank you."
    [00:24:15 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She smirked and cupped one of his cheeks in her hand. She leaned in to his face and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "The please don't scare me like that. It's bad enough Scotty indirectly called me old."
    [00:26:59 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He blushed a bit more, "Then remind me to hang him upside down when he returns."
    [00:29:56 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She nodded. "Alright! That should teach him a lesson not to mess with the elders", she said mischievously. Charlotte blinked surprised at the sight of the redness. "Brother... are you blushing? For me?" She chuckled and gently squished his cheeks. "How cute!"
    [00:31:31 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : "Neh! S...Shtop!" He was even more red as his sister called him 'cute'.
    [00:34:15 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She squished his cheeks a bit more then pinched them. "Look at you... you're red as a cherry! How could I stop if my big brother is being so adorable right now?" She gave off a toothed grin as she rested one knee between his legs and lightly leaned in. "It makes me wonder if you can get even redder than this."
    [00:36:14 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He was about as red as he could get, "Sister! Please!"
    [00:38:45 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : "Please? Please, what, dearest?", she asked with a light tilt of her head. "Please, more? Well, why didn't you say so?" She laughed. "I don't want to get all incestuous with you, but I simply can't help myself right now!" She grinned.
    [00:42:04 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : Charles looked into his sisters eyes, his face still as red as can be, he was unable to speak because of how his sister was being.
    [00:45:48 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : The look on his face was priceless! She finally got him where she wanted. "What's wrong? Did you suddenly lose your tongue?" The mischievous smirks toned down to a genuine smile as the Welsh poked his forehead lightly. "My deepest apologies if I scared you, but I am quite sure you enjoyed yourself."
    [00:47:09 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : "I'm gonna have inpure dreams for a week..." He mumbled a bit, crossing his arms, his face still red as ever.
    [00:48:58 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She leaned back and raised a hand to her mouth. "Ohoho! Impure dreams of your sister? Naughty!" She grinned behind her hand.
    [00:49:39 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : "Gah! Shut up!" He turned red once again, getting up and turning around.
    [00:53:27 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : She tilted her body to the side and held her hands behind her back. "Oh, come on! Don't be embarrassed! I'm sure you're not the only man fantasising about their sibling." She felt like teasing him again and just for the hell of it, she pressed her body against his back and ran her fingers down his arm rather seductively. "I will visit you tonight in your dreams, big brother. Treat me gently, alright?", she purred ever so seductively.
    [00:56:04 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : A shiver went down his spine as she said that, "Gah! Now it's gonna be two weeks!" He slowly started to consider just staying up for two weeks straight...he wouldn't regret it as long as the memory stays away.
    [00:58:51 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : "Two weeks, huh? How about we make that three-... no! A month!" Leaning up on her tiptoes, she purred lightly in his ear. "I wouldn't mind a blushing face in the morning.."
    [01:00:31 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : He shivered once again, his face red as ever once again, "...I'm afraid of going to sleep or waking up..."
    [01:02:55 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : Charlotte placed her hand on her hip and leaned back. "Suck it up, brother!", she cheered and slapped him across his shoulder. "You can't stay up that long and we need you around the house!" She winked.
    [01:03:55 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : "I'm still afraid I'm gonna wake up with someone sleeping in the same bed with me when I don't want them to be..." He jumped a bit, being slapped on the shoulder.
    [01:06:21 15/08/12] Charlotte Kirkland : "Hmm..", she murmured and tilted her head a bit downwards looking somewhat ponderously. "That doesn't like such a bad idea", she mumbled to herself, considering his idea.
    [01:07:45 15/08/12] Charles Kirkland : Charles looked at his twin for a second "Don't you dare get any ideas!" He turned around walking to his room to sleep the night away.

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    Celdwyn Kirkland
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    A day with the Kirklands... in the chatbox Empty Re: A day with the Kirklands... in the chatbox

    Post  Celdwyn Kirkland on August 14th 2012, 8:43 pm

    ...I love you, but at the same time hate you...but more of the love...

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