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    My little Faithful Friend Pochi.

    Honda Kiku
    Honda Kiku

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    My little Faithful Friend Pochi.

    Post  Honda Kiku on September 1st 2012, 6:34 pm

    I was tending to my Bonsai tree in the middle of the afternoon. It was spring and the trees were blooming pretty little pink petals in my garden. I smiled and figured It'd be time to feed Pochi, my little faithful dog.

    I walked into my kitchen to wip up something for Pochi. I put some of the fish I had last night into Pochis bowl. I don't like left overs but pochi won't mind. "Pochi! Pochi!" I called out to the little dog. Nothing came running in like it usually did. 'Where is Pochi?' I wondered. 'He never passes his mears' I walked around home trying to find the small white ball of fur.

    "Pochi? Where are you?" I was getting worried now. He never leaves my side for so long.

    Sure I was worried, but I have to keep calm. If I'm calm I'll find him. I walked out to the garden my chest feeling tight. I looked all over the garden and there was not a single sign of him. I felt like I was going to lose it soon. 'I have to find him,' I told myself 'I will find him.' I kept that in my mind as I searched.

    Pochi is very inportant to me, he keeps me company and he is very loyal to me. I can't lose him, he is one of my best friends. My most faithful of friends. 'What if he's hurt?' The thought popped up into my head and my chest tighted even my. I forgot how to breath for a second but quickly recovered. When I first got Pochi I wouldn't be so worried for him. I wouldn't care, but all those years I've been with the little dog he has marked his place in my heart.

    My mind wondered all those years back when he first found him as a puppy.

    ~flash back~

    I was walking home from work and I was feeling a little happy, dispite the rain and the blank look on my face, a new video game that I just created and now it's coming out soon. I wasn't as big on playing the game as much as programing it. I worked hard on this game and I was proud of it.

    I walked quitely down the almost empty street that my home was located in. Then I stopped hearing a wimpering sound to my left. I looked down to see a small ball of brown messy fur. Another wimper and the ball shook as if it was cold. I bent down with a little difficulty to look at it closer at the thing. 'A smarr puppy. Though it rooks rike a ritter kitty,' I noted.

    The small animal looked up at me with big dark eyes. Almost emotionless as mine but there was a hint of hurt. I couldn't just leave the thing.

    Making up my mind I picked the small thing up with it fitting nicely in my palm. The creature made a small bark, meow kind of noise upon being picked up.

    "Don't worry I'rr crean you up." I said to the puppy knowing it wouldn't understand. But the puppy made a small whine in response and snuggled into my chest.

    I looked at it with a little surprise. I continued my way home deep in thought, wondering who could have abandon such a young puppy and where I can fiind a home for it.


    I walked into my house taking off my shoe and hanging up my coat with the puppy still snuggled against me. It felt warm and nice to have a cute thing in my hand. But I have to keep my head straight, as soon as I clean this puppy up I will start looking for a home for the thing.

    I started to run some warm water in the bathroom sink filling it up very little. As soon as I determind it was warm enough I set the puppy in the water gently. The pup seamed to ease into the warm water enjoying the feeling I'm guessing. I smiled a little at the sight. I couldn't held but to go get my camera and take a few pictures.

    I started washing the little puppy with soap noticing now it looked like a rat with it's fur plastered against itself. I also noticed how skinny he was. I frowned a little. 'No matter, that can be easily fixed,' I said to myself.

    After the puppy was clean it was no longer brown but white. I started to dry the puppy with a small towel. I didn't have a blow dryer so I couldn't dry him better. I never needed one.

    Once the puppy was dry I gently carried him to the living room and sat him on a pillow on the couch. "Now you stay here, I wirr get you food to eat," I said to the puppy, mentally face palming myself for talking to the dog again like it would understand him. It was a dog not a person. I shuffled into the kitchen looking through the fridge. I found some left over rice and fish. I really didn't like left overs, I'd rather have them fresh. But the dog wouldn't mind, right? Of course he won't.

    Heating the fish and rice up and mixing them together I took out a small bowl and poured the rice anf fish in after it was warm. I brought the food to the puppy who was sitting up diligently right where I left him.

    "Here," I put the bowl down on pillow next to him. "It's all I have, maybe you'll like it," Again I mentaly slaped my self.

    The puppy sniffed it once and imediatly started eating. It must have been pretty hungry. I sat there and watched it eat for awhile and then once it was done I took the bowl up and washed it. I came back to see the puppy wagging its tiny curly tail when it saw me. I inwardly smiled but pushed the feeling back. I can't get attached to this thing.

    I picked up the puppy and brought it to my room. I set the puppy on my pillow and got my night clothing on then I brushed my teeth. I walked back to set my bed up to sleep in. I put the puppy aside as I layed out my bed on the floor. I tucked myself in nicely beckoning the puppy foward.

    The puppy was unsure at first but soon got the message. It crawled over to my pillow and layed there next to my head.

    I actually smiled at the puppy. It was very cute and intelagent for just a puppy. I didn't mean to smile it just came. I couldn't get rid of my smile so I just sighed and went to sleep.

    -Time skip few days-

    I grew accustom with the puppy, I havn't givin it a name for I fear that I will fall to deeply in love with it more than I already was. I acctually injoyed the puppys company. You don't really know how lonely you really are in till you have company.

    I started feeding the little puppy my left overs and it didn't complain. I was happy, but I knew I had to find it a knew home. That thought was dreadful. But I had to do it. I can't take care of a dog. 'Or can I?' I questioned myself. 'No, no Japan. You can't keep it,' I told myself sternly. 'Why not?' I asked my self. There was no reason not to keep it. It was not like it was a burden. It helped me relax a bit more with it's company.

    With a sigh I gave up. Mental wars with yourself about a puppy was not something to spend time debating on.

    I felt something snuggle against my leg and I looked down to see the puppy. It was so cute. So fluffy. I reached down to pet it. Again catching my self smiling. I couldn't help it. He just made me so happy. "Pochi," I said the first thing that came into mind. I was shocked with myself. I just gave a name to the puppy. That's not good.

    The puppy lifted it's head to see eye to eye with me. There was a little hint a curiosity inside 'Pochi's' dark eyes.

    He was so cute. All of my control over my emotions flew out the window and a bigger smile plastered itself on my face. I decided then I needed Pochi. I couldn't go with out him. Pochi almost always stayed by my side, which I found adorable. When I go room to room he's there just trailing behind.

    "Pochi, how wourd you rike to stay with me?" I said picking up the tiny thing.

    Pochi wagged his tail and gave a little bark meow. I smiled again happy the puppy agreed with my choice. "Do you promise to stay by my side for the rest of my rife?" I said looking into the puppy's eyes. I felt so silly talking to a puppy. But for some odd reason it gave me comfort.

    The puppy bark meowed again wagging his tail faster and it was almost like the puppy had a little smile to.

    I nodded almost to happy, it was just a dog. But he was so cute and seemed loyal, I have a good feeling with me and Pochi.

    ~End of flash back~

    Remembering this I got a warm feeling, ever sence I got Pochi me and him had an invisible bond even if I didn't realize it at first. But the warm feeling vanished and my heart became a black hole. I clenched my chest as a little sob some how reach my lips. Sure I was emotionless almost one hundred percent of the time but, I truly love Pochi. He was like the shining star in my life. I scold myself because of that. How could I let my self get attached to the dog. How? This is something I always try to avoid doing, and it worked well all this time till Pochi came in.

    I mentally kicked myself in the gut. Apparently it worked because my gut started twisting up in pain. Then I heard a small wimper to my left towards the shed. Wide eyed a sped walked into the dark and dusty shed. I liked to keep my shed neat and organized so it was easy to walk in. But in the corner of the shed it was messy and it looked like it fell over. 'Oh no, what if he's hurt?!' I screamed at my self in my mind. I walked calmly over to the pile of equipment. I cautiously lifted a pot that I assumed Pochi was in. And there he was. Covered in dust and tangled in string but he was unharmed other wise.

    I sighed and was happy to see him alright. He let out a small wimper that said 'Dont just sit there, get me out please!' I chuckled and untangled him. I carried him over to the bathroom sink and realized how much Pochi has grown. I smiled at the memory when he was just a puppy. I washed him of so his white fur shined and I blow dryeid his fur with a blow dryer. I got one just for him and he seemed to enjoy it. Finally Pochi was all clean and I brought him gently into the living room where I could feed him. I was smiling the whole time which surprised me. I watched him eat and I know he will always, always be in my heart. I know it sounds sappy but that is how it truely is and always be that way forever.


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