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    Poems From The Heart

    Luka Bondevik
    Luka Bondevik

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    Poems From The Heart

    Post  Luka Bondevik on October 11th 2012, 8:38 am

    "I met you long ago in a far away place, but I could not tell if you were really there. My heart started to race just thinking about you never for a moment forgetting those eyes and lips. You were the only one I loved no matter if it was a dream or reality. And even if you don't know who I was I would always care for you no matter if you were with another."

    "I loved you from the time we were kids. I was happy to know that you were there for me even though you knew you would get in trouble. This locket I hold is what brought us even closer after years of not seeing each other. I was left blind after a horrible accident and by chance no by fate did we meet again in the same hospital under similar circumstances. Even though I didn't know who you were when I was blind. Days passed and I was able to see again after a successful surgery after that be released and be unable to see you again. After 2 years I come back walking down the hospital halls I picked up an envelope that had your name on it. I wasn't sure if it was really you, but I still went to check anyways and found you standing tall inside the room. I came to drop off the envelope and nothing more, but ended up striking up a conversation with you only to have me cough in pain from not taking the medicine. You placed me on your bed and I smiled something I haven't done in years ever since I last saw the little boy from my dreams. You told me that it was you who was that little boy from my dreams and that you also saw a small girl in your dreams as well. It was no coincidence that each of us had each other on our minds, but with the years passing by it became harder to remember except for the two thing that always kept us connected; a song and a locket. I knew then that the one I truly loved was standing right in front of me the boy from my dreams from my past no the handsome young man that I would later call husband and that would later be the father of my children." "I love you."
    -Dedicated to Vladimir Braginski and Yuu Simon Ortiz-

    "I knew I would never fall for you since we were just friends. But after a while talking each other I knew that I started to fall for you little by little unaware that you were doing the same. At times I would just see it as part of our characters, but nothing involving the real us at all from my point of view. Others saw it in another way believing that we had fallen for each other and already were dating. I kind of laughed a bit since I still saw it as still being in character until I actually fell in love with you. And guess what I'm happy to be your girlfriend and who knows we might even go further."
    -Dedicated to Charles and Ana-

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