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    Uh... hi? *I'm too shy so sorry for random rambling*


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    Uh... hi? *I'm too shy so sorry for random rambling*  Empty Uh... hi? *I'm too shy so sorry for random rambling*

    Post  Alicetology on December 12th 2014, 7:43 am

    Um hello! My name is... Aya (not Japanese just a short form of my name and just ignore the username it's random chosen at last moment) and I'm RP-ing as Malaysia... but I'm waiting for him to be approved gahh I'm too shy ignoreignorethisignorethisisnonsenseI'mdemandingurghhhh ...Err, just wondering, do we have to have our character names as username? Lots of people do it so should I? And uh.. hi again and nice to meet you... err... sorry if I'm not here often because I'm in a boarding school gah not like anyone wants to know but I felt like I needed to do ittttt gahhhhh  *cough* sorry... for long rant.. and... thanks... again...*voice fading into background*

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