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    Throwing into the bin - Nyo!England

    Magnus Densen
    Magnus Densen

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    Throwing into the bin - Nyo!England Empty Throwing into the bin - Nyo!England

    Post  Magnus Densen on July 27th 2013, 8:13 pm

    Well, let me be the first one to post this, here.

    It is a sad time for all of us, really, for the character we've all come to adore don't deny, you ADORE Nyo!England with every fiber of your being is about to get tossed into the "Open Character Bin".
    I have lost my muse for her a very long time ago. I have tried to get back as her, but I just-... I just can't, you guys!
    So, I am giving her up for someone else to use her.

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